Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Edmond, Broken Arrow, Norman



Aa, Delaware, About 3/4M Hs On Lf, Achille, Ack On N Side, Acres, Acrood Grandy Finds, Across Co Line, Across Frm Fire Dept, Across Frm Wlmrt Dc, Across From Church, Across R&R,1St On L, Across Rr From Churc, Ada, Ada Airport, Adair, Adams, Adamson, Adamson Rt 1St Hse, Add On East Side Rd, Add, Kingston, Addielee Rd Westvill, Addington, Addington Bend, Addington Bend Rd, Addington Bend Road, Addition, Addition W Of 81, Addn, Aft Ovpa, After Overpas, After Turn, Afton, Agra, Agra On W Sd, Ah Post Office, Air Port Rd, Airline Inter W Sd, Airline Rd., Airport, Airport Rd, Airport Rd., Akins, Akins South Side, Akins Store, Albany, Albert, Albion, Alderson, Aldridge, Ale, Alester, Alex, Aline, All Hill, Allen, Allen Rd Marietta, Alluwe, Alma, Altus, Altus Afb, Altus, E Side Of Rd, Alva, Amber, Amber, Se Corner, Ames, Ames Korner Store, Ames Rd,3/4S Wsrd, Amess/2Ne/416-20-9, Amorita, Ams Rd, An Rd, An Rd Durant, Anadarko, And Proctor Rds, And 48Th St., And Dead End Calera, And Hwy 77, And Red River Rd, And Winona, Angl Pnt Rd Trn N, Antioch, Antioch S Side, Antlers, Antlers & 1/4 Mile E, Antlers & 5 M West, Antlers Box 571, Antlers East Side, Antles, Apache, App 1 Mi Cherokee Lk, Approx 1/2 Mile Hous, Apt. B, Boley, Apts, Arapaho, Arapaho & Deer Creek, Arcadia, Ardmore, Ardmore,, Area, Area Tiger Mtn., Ark. Line, Arkoma, Arnett, Arpelar, Arrnett Rd Bokchito, Arrow, Arrowhead, Arrowhead Estate, Arrowhead Ests, Arter Lane S Sd Of R, Arvil Barnes Rd S Si, As Frances Martin, Asher, Ashland, Assembly, At 4 Way Stop, At Church 2Nd House, At Dead End, At Dead End E 1 1/2, At End Trn R, At Franks Ceme, At Hollycreek, At Kulli Tuk Church, At Myall Rd, At Ogden Rd, At Rd 2Nd House, At Sale Barn, At Swink Store, At The Stop Sigh Nw, Atlantic Field Rd, Atnlers, Atoka, Atwood, Avant, Ave


B, B & E Grocery, B.B., B.C. School, Bache, Bache & Dow, Back 2 Mi S 1/4 Mi, Back E, Back N, Back N On Right Side, Backlash Dr., Badger Lee, Badger Lee Rd, Baker, Baker Emerson Rd, Baldridge, Balko, Balko School, Ball Park, Ballard Rd,N Side, Ballpark Rd, Bank House On Left, Bap Chu, Bap. Chur. Bn Hs On, Bapt Ch-Krebs, Baptis Church, Baptist Ch, N Side, Baptist Church, Barber Shop-Spiro, Bar-B-Q Poteau, Barn, Barn.House Right Acr, Barnsdall, Baron, Bartlesvile, Bartlesville, Base Line, Base R.9 Ts10sec18, Battiest, Battiest Area, Battiest Sch. Rd., Battiest School, Battiet, Baxter Springs, Bayou Bridge,Wilson, Bb, B-Bow, Bbow, Bdwy Hobart, Bearden, Beaty Church-W Side, Beauty Shop, Beaver, Beaver Point, Beech, Before Bottom Hill, Before Log Canin Sto, Beggs, Beggs, City, Behind Tag Office, Behind Welty Minimrt, Belpine Store, Benchon Rd., Bend Entrance, Bend State Park, Bengal, Bengal Rd, Bennington, Bent Oak Add, Bentley, Ber Co, Berlin, Bermuda Pt, Bermuda Pt St, Bernice, Berrywood Durant, Bessie, Besssie, Bethal, Bethany, Bethel, Bethel Rd, Bethel Store, Bethel, Right Onldgf, Between Rol And Mul, Big Cabin, Big Cedar, Big Franks, Bbow, Billings, Billy Crk. Rd., Bing, Binger, Birch Lake Rd, Bird Island, Bird W. Sd Rd Durant, Bison, Bixby, Bk N, Black Top 1Mi N On, Black Top On Lft, Blackburn, Blackgum Church, Blacktop, Blackwell, Blair, Blair (E Sd), Blair (Warren Rd), Blair W Sd Of Rd, Blanchard, Blanchard, E Side, Blanco, Blanco Rd, Bldg, Bldg E Sd Rd, Blk, Blk E, Blk N Left Side, Blk S, Blk S 4Th Hs On E Sd, Blk S To Dead End, Blk W, Blk W Norge, Blk W Of Po, Blk W,S Side, Blks N Of Main, Blks S, Blks S Of Hugo, Blks S Surplu City, Block Hill, Block Rd 2 Mi To Mat, Blocker, Bloomer, Bloomfield Road, Bls S Of Depot, Blue, Blue Branch, Blue River Ranch Rd, Bluejacket, Bluejacket _ L Sd Rd, Bobs Country Corner, Bockhito, Body Shop Go 1 Mi, Boiling Spgs Rd, Boise Cith, Boise City, Bokchito, Bokoshe, Bokoshe Rd.-W. 3/4Ml, Bokoshe Road, Bokoshe Sch, Boley, Bollen/Sorgum Center, Bo-Mo-Dodd Road, Bonnaza Rd Albany, Borger Hwy, Borken Bow, Boss Rd, Bosswell, Boswell, Boundary, Bow, Bowell, Bowlegs, Bowring, Bowsell, Box, Box 103, Box 128 Cleveland, Box 147A, Pv, Box 176 Roff, Box 179A Haworth, Box 49, Stratford, Box 664, Enville, Box A3 Indiahoma, Boynton, Boyscout Camp, Bradley, Braggs, Braman, Bray, Brazil Creek Rd., Brckhome,Kingston, Brd Hse On Left, Brdg In Honey Creek, Brdg. Willie Means, Breedloves, Brent, Briar Br Rd Hse End, Briartown, Brick Home S Side, Brick House, Brick House On North, Brick Hs On Rt, Brick Hs. On Left, Brick Hse L, Brick Hse On E Side, Brick Hse On N Sd Rd, Bridge, Bridge Whitesboro, Bridge Mooreland, Bridge Rd Colbert, Bridgeport, Bridgeport Add, Bridgeport Addn, Bringham 6Th Hse Lef, Bristow, Brk. Hs. On Rt., Broadway Hobart, Broken Bow, Broken Arrow, Broken Bow, Broken Bpw, Broken Bw, Bromide, Brooken, Browman Rd, Brown Addition, Brown Brick Hse, Brown House, Brushhill, Brushy Ridge, Brushy School, Bryans Corner, Bryon, Btwn Redland & Idabe, Buckaloo Powell Rd, Buckcreek Rd. 3/8M W, Buffallo Rd., Buffalo, Buffalo Valley, Buffalo Valley Y, Buffington Rd. West, Building, Bull Creek Rd, Bum Creek, Bumcombe Creek, Bunch, Bunch Rd., Buncombe, Buncombe Creek, Buncombe Creek, King, Burbank, Burlington, Burneville, Burneyville, Burns Flat, Butcher Pen, Butler, Bv School, B'ville, By Kerr Dam, Byars, Byron


C Andy Crn, Cabin On East, Cabin S Side Of Rd, Cache, Caddo, Caddo Bridge, Caddo St, Cafe, Rt Sd Of Rd, Caldwell, Calera, Calhoun, Calhoun Rd, Calhoun Rd., Calumet, Calvin, Calyton, Camargo, Cameron, Camp, Canadian, Canadian Shores, Caney, Caney Cemetary, Caney Creek, Canton, Canute, Capron, Cardin, Carlile Rd. 1/2 Ml, Carlile Rd-Spiro, Carlisle Comm, Carmen, Carmon Nursey, Carneg Ie, Carnegie, Carney, Carrall 1/2 Ml 2Nd, Carrier, Carter, Carter West Into, Carter (28-09-22), Carter 1St H Rgt Sid, Carter County, Cartersville, Cartwright, Cashion, Castle, Catersville, Catle, Cato Lane, Catoosa, Cattle Co, Cattle Guard, Cattleguard N. Side, Cedar Lake, Cedar Lake Lot 433, Cedar Spring, Cem Rd East Sd Of Rd, Cement, Cementary, Cemetary, Cemetary Ft Gibson, Cemetary N S Of Rd, Cemetary On L Side, Cemetary On R Sde, Cemetary Rd, Cemetary Rn, Cemetery, Cemetery, Hse On E, Cemt., 3Rd Hs On Lf, Cemtary Last House, Cent To End Of Rd, Center, Centrahoma, Central Hi, Central Hi Sch, Central High School, Centralia, Cerrogordo, Ch Cross Mt Cross Sm, Ch Cross Sm Bridge, Ch Sign Go 1.3 Mi On, Ch., Chandler, Chanlder, Chapel Rd. 1St R 1St, Chapel Td, Rt Side, Chapman, Charcoal Pl 2 Mi, Chattanooga, Chattnooga, Chec-2E, Checotah, Cheek Rd., Chelsea, Cheotah, Cherokee, Cherokeee, Chester, Chestnut 1/2Mi Ea Sd, Chestnut Ln West Sd, Chewey Hwy, Chewey Rd, Cheyenne, Chickahsa, Chickasaw Hse, Chickasaw Tr., Chickasaw Trail, Chickasha, Chicksaw Tr, Childers, Childers Area, Chilesville Comm., Chimney Cemetery, Choate Praire, Choctaw, Choctaw Hill, Choctaw Nation Hdst, Choctaw Nation Head, Chouteau, Chrch Coming E Frm, Chrch Cross 2 Brdges, Christ On Left, Christian School, Chruch, Chruch 3 1/2 W, Chur, Church, Church 1St Hse On Rt, Church In Arpelar, Church Of Christ 5Th, Church On 82, Church On Ssd Rd, Church, Butler, Church, 31/2 W, Church, Randlett, Church-Brk Hs On W, Cimarron Bay, Cimarron City, City, City Cemetary, City Limits, City Of Perkins, City Road, City Water Tower, City, S Side, Ck Landing Rd, Claremore, Clarita, Clayton, Clearfork Community, Clearview, Clearview Rd. 2 M., Clebit, Cleo Spgs, Cleo Springs, Cleora, Cleve., Cleveand, Cleveland, Clinic -Green Hse, Clinton, Cloud Chief, Cloudy, Cmtry-L Side, Cnty Rd 1/2M On N Si, Cnty Rd. 110, Cnty. Rd. 1 Ml, Cnty. Rd.-Spiro, Co Churc, Co Line, N Side, Co Rd Bascom, Co.Line, Coalgate, Coffey Ranch, Cogar, Coker, Colbert, Colcord, Coleman, Coline,1M S1/4Wsside, Collin Institute, Collins Rd, Collinsville, Colllinsville, Colony, Comanche, Comm, Comm Church, Comm., Comm. Bldg., Commerce, Community, Community Center, Community Watson, Compellube Rd, Compton, Concho, Connely Sch Rd E Sd, Connerville, Conse Comm, Const. 2Nd Engel R, Cook Rd On N Side, Cookietown, Cookietown-E Sd, Cookson, Cooperton, Copan, Cordell, Corinne, Corn, Corn 36-11-16, Corner, Corner @Stop Sign Ps, Corner 4Th Tra On Rt, Corner Of County, Corner Of County Rd, Corner Of Intersect, Corner On Swan Rd., Corner, Keota, Corners, Watonga, Cornish, Corp Of Eng, Corrine, Cottage Site, Cottonwood, Council, Council Hill, Council/Hill 72, Councill Hill, Councul Hill, Country East M Hm Pk, Country, N Sd, County Line, County Line, S Side, County Line, Turn S, County Rd Afterjumbo, County Road, Countyline, Countyline Road, Court, Courthouse, Courthouse Vian, Courtney, Cove, Kingston, Covey's Store, Covington, Cowden, Coweta, Cowlington, Cowlington Jct., Cox Ln. 1/2Mi Bennin, Coyle, Cr, Cr 2131 2 House, Cr 2307, Cr Rr 2Nd On Rt, Cr. Rd-Heavener, Cr150, N. Side, Cr2150 N Side, Crawford, Creek, Creek 2Nd Hse Left, Creek Acres, Creek Addition, Creek Rd, Creek Rd Left Side, Creek Rd. 4 Ml. Lf., Creek School House, Creek, Kingston, Crek Restort, Crescent, Crescent (34-17-4W), Crk Hendrix, Crk Left 3Rd Hse On, Crk Rd, Crk Terr To Red Rock, Crk.Rd.W.Sd(8,6W,1N), Cromwell, Crooked Oak Add., Crosroad Turn Lf,1/2, Cross Rd. Albany, Cross Road Calera, Cross Road Tn Left, Cross Rr Tracks, Crossing, Crossing Conser Ck, Crossroad, Crowder, Crowder Point, Crussels Corner, Crv Stop At 4 Way Tu, Crv-Turn L-L Side, Cty Club & 1/2Mi S, Cumberland, Cunningham66-Hiwa62, Curtis 7 1/2 S, W Sd, Curve, Curve-, Curve House On Left, Curve To End Of Rd, Cushing, Custer, Custer City, Custer Cty, Cutoff Turn Left Eas, Cville, Cyril


D, D Broken Arrow, D Lee Auto Plex, D Rd W 1/2M Hse S., D S 3/4 Mi E Sid Of, D&S St, Dacoma, Dais, Daisy, Daisy Rd, Dale, Darcy 2Nd House, Davenport, Davidson, Davis, De, De Of Hwy Hartshorn, Dead End, Dead End (S22 4N 1W), Dead End Rd, Dead End Rd., Dead End Road, Dead End To N, Dead End., Deadend, Deer Creek, Deere, Del City, Delaware, Delaware & 2 Mi E, Delaware 1 Mile Sout, Dempsey Gro, Depew, Devol, Dewar, Dewey, Diane St, Dibble, Dicksn Trn 1/4 Mi N, Dickson, Dickson Area, Dickson W.Sd Rd, Dill City, Dirt Rd, Dirt Rd Hs On Left, Dirt Rd Where 34 Cur, Dirt Rd. Lf. 1.2 Ml, Dirt Road, Dirt Road Crossing, Dirt Road, 2 Lane Lt, Disney, Divide, Do R Fork, Dogwood, Dogwood On S Sd, Dora, Double H Wldg 1/2 Mi, Double Springs Rd, Dougherty, Douglas, Dover, Dow, Down Chickasaw Rd Le, Down, Turn Left 2Nd, Dr, Dr Bristow Pnt, Dr, Turn E, Last Hs, Drive, Drive 1 Mi North, Drive On Right, Drive On W.Side Ofrd, Drive On W.Sideofrd, Drive Way On Left, Drive, Roland, Driveway, Driveway On Right, Drummond, Drumright, Dry Creek, Duant, Duboise Rd-Cameron, Duke, Dumpster, Dunacn, Duncan, Duncan Road, Durant, Durham, Dustin


E, E - Blanchard, E 1 1/2 Mile Hendrix, E 1 Mil 1 Mil N, E 1 Mile 1/8 Mi Se, E 1/10 Mi, E 1/10M 16-21-12, E 1/2M S Sd Rd, E 1/4 Mi S, E 2 Blks, Left Side, E 2 Mi North Sd, E 2 Mi North Side, E 2Nd House On S, E 2-Story Hse, E 3001 To Pob, E 50 Ft, E Bpt Ch, E Checotah, E Church, E East Side Of Rd, E Edge Of Frederick, E Left Sd Of Rd, E Of Asher, E Of Blair S Sd), E Of County Line, E Of Hwy 31, E Of Payne Lake Rd, E On Armstrong Acade, E On Guerra On N Sde, E On Key Rd, E On S Sd, Hammon, E On S Sd, Hammon, E On South Side, E Rd Bennington, E Rr Only Hse There, E S Ide, E Sd, E Sd Of Rd, E Sd Rd At Agra, E Sd Rd From Agra, E Sd, Weatherford, E Sid, E Side, E Side 4-21-10, E Side Of Hwy, E Side Of Rd, E Side Of Rd., E Side Of Road, E Side Rd, E Then S E Sd Of Rd, E To 4Th Drive On L, E, 1 1/2 S,Wsideofrd, E, 1 M S, Mobile Hm, E, 1 Mi N, E, N Side Of Road, E, S Side Of Rd, E,1/2S,1Mi E,1 1/2S, E. 1 Mi S., E. 1.5 Mls, E. Circle Dr., E. Of Rr, E. Of The Indian Bas, E. On Rt.-Bokoshe, E. On Rt-Bokoshe, E. S. Sd. Rd., E. Sd. Rd., E. Side, E.Side, E.Side 5-9-19, E/W 109 S Sd, E-1/4N-1/4E Into, E2/Ne4-21-20-14Wim, Ea 3.8 Mi Colbert, Eageltown, Eagle, Eagle City, Eagle Road, Eagleton, Eagletown, Eagletown Turn Rt, Eagletown, Ok, Eagletown, Okla, Eakly, E-Antioch Rd, Earlsboro, East, East .42 Mi H On N, East 1/8 First, East Access Rd, East Colbert, East Frst Dr On East, East Into. Canute, East Of Cache, East Of Davis, East Of Joy, East Of Road, East Of Stratford, East Of Weatherford, East Old Antioch Rd, East On, East S, East Sd Durant, East Sd Hendrix, East Sd Of Lukf Ch, East Sd Of Road, East Si, East Side, East Side Albany, East Side Of 85, East Side Of Hwy, East Side Of Rd, East Side Of Rd., East Side Of Road, East Side Road, Eastman, East-Monroe, Eastnorth Side Of Rd, Eastridge Add.), Eastside Hwy259, Ec, Edgewater Mhp, Nw/4, Edmond, Edmondson, Eft Side Of Hwy 9#, Eh 06-26-12, Eh Of 33-10-14, Eh Of Se 4 8-9-18, Eh Sec12-T22n-R8e, Ek Rd Cartwright, El Hwy, El Rd 1St Hse Onleft, El Reno, Eldorado, Elgin, Elk City, Elk City Falcon, Elk City East Side, Elk City On East S, Elk City West Side, Elk City 1/3M S R Si, Elk City Right 2Nd R, Elk Ctiy, Elkhart, Elm To Hse W Side, Elmer, Elmore, Elmore City, Elmore S Sd Rd, Elmore S Side Rd., Elmwood, Emit, En, Woodville, End, End E To Cor Line S, End Of Rd, End Of Road, End Rd, End St., End W. Sd., End., English 1/2 Mi., Enid, Enos, Enos Area, Enterprise, Enville, Eny Valley Rd, Er Calera, Er Cutoff Rd Colbert, Erick, Erick And Rd 1750, Erin Spgs Superette, Erin Springs, Ersection So Side, Erta Rd Hwy70e, Esde, Estates, Estates Luther, Estates #2, Etowah, Eucha, Eufau Es, Eufaula, Eufaula 27-10-15, Euloa, Ew 103, L 3 Mi., Ew103, 1/4 Mi On Rt, Ew29.5 & Ns410, Ew33, Exactly 3Rd Block, Exit, Express, Express E Side Of Rd, E-Z Mart


Facing Rd, Fairfax, Fairhill Rd., Fairland, Fairley Rd, Fairmont, Fairview, Fairview (Esr), Fairview House On N, Falconridge Estate, Falfa, Fallis, Falo Rd, Fanshawe, Fargo, Farm Rd 1St Hs On Rt, Farriers College, Farris, Faxon, Fay, Feather, Feather Dance Rd, Feather E To Wichita, Felt, Ferry, Ferry Road, Ffalo Rd, Fiarview, Field, Field Rd 1/2M S On, Fillmore, Finely, Finley, Fire Dept, Fire St, Fire Station-1 Mi.E., Fire Station-E-1 Mi., Firestone 4Th Hous, Firestone Rd, First Driveway On R, First House On Right, First House On Rt, First House Right, First Rd On Right, First Right, Fittstown, Fittstown Cafe, Fitzhugh, Five Mile, Flat, Flat Rock, Fletche, Fletcher, Flint Ridge, Foarker, Folsom Rd Durant, Folsom Road, For 3 Miles, For 3/4 Miles, For Deaf, Foraker, Forest Park, Forestry, Forgan, Fork Park, Fork Trn Lft, Fort, Fort Cobb, Fort Gibson, Fort Sill, Fort Supply, Fort Towson, Foss, Foss Lake Estates, Foster, Foster Rd 1/2 Mi, Fox, Fox Ln, 3/4 Mi, S Sd, Foyil, Fr Delhart St Str Dt, Fr Tamaha Str In Trl, Francis, Frankie's Bty Shop, Franklin Maud, Frederick, Freedom, Freeman Rd., Freeney Valley North, Freeney Valley Rd, Fried Pie Bus. Davis, Friend And Maple, Frm Oak Park Village, From 9 Mile Y, From Akins, From Altus, From Bell Road, From Big Eagle, From Blair, From Blanco, From Canton, From City Hall, From Custer, From End On Center, From Falfa Church, From Fay, From Fd, From Felker Church, From Ga Rd, From Graham School, From Guymon, From Hwy 60, From Hwy 62, From Jacktown, From Jiffy, From Kiowa School, From Mill Creek, From Mooreland, From Okeene 23-18-11, From Old P.O., From Red Barn, Madil, From Sallisaw, From School, From Sharon, From Shawnee Gro, From Temple, From The Jiffy, From Walters, From Warren Rd, From Water Dept, From Watonga, From Weleetka, Ft Cobb, Ft Gibson, Ft Oakland, Ft Sd Of Rd Durant, Ft Supply, Ft Towson, Ft. Gibson, Ft. Supply, Ft. Towson, Ft.Towson, Fuller, Fuller Road


Gaddy Rd, Gage, Gage,, Galena, Gans, Gap & Carson Creek, Gap Rd. Off Of 141, Gap Road, Garage, Garage 1St Intersec., Garage 3Rd House, Garber, Garvin, Garvin E Sd 2Nd Hse, Garvin Stre, Gas Plant, Gate, Ge Acres, Geary, Gene Autry, George's Radiator, Geronimo, Geroniom, Gerty, Gibson, Gibson Cut Off, Gillmore, Gillmore Rd., Gilmore, Gilmore Community, Glass, Glencoe, Glendale, Glenoce, Glenpool, Glover, Glover Area, Glowlite, Glvoer, Go 1 1/2 Mi, Turn E, Go 1 1/2Mi. Tn Lft, Go 1 Blk Turn L 2N, Go 1 Mi At Y Turn Lf, Go 1 Mi E, Go 1 Mi Hs On Left, Go 1 Mi R 1/2 Mi L, Go 1.5 Mi W Tr N At, Go 1/2 M On Right Sd, Go 1/8 Mi West Side, Go 11/2 Mi Tur W Go, Go 19 Miles N & 3/10, Go 3 Mi. On Rt, Go 3/4 M 3Rd Hou Rig, Go 4 Miles South, Go E 1 Ml N 1/4 M W, Go N, Go Over Rr 1St L The, Go To Big Oak Rd Tur, Go To Rainbow Rd, Go To Top Of Hill, Go Up Morgan Hill Rd, Going North, Golden, Golden Oaks Mobile, Golden P.O., Golden, Ok., Goldsby, Goltry, Good Hope Church, Goodknight Feed Lot, Goodwater, Goodwater Hwy., Goodwater Rd, Goodwell, Goodyear Plant, Goose Rd- W Side, Gore, Gore On Flower Rd, Gore Side, Gotebo, Gould, Gowen, Gracemont, Grady, Graham, Graham Rd 2M E 1/4S, Graham Rd 2Mi E 1/4S, Grahan, Grain' Thomas, Grainola, Grand Ave 3/4 Mi N, Grandfield, Granite, Grant, Grant Road, Grant,1Stmobilehome, Gravel 2/10 Mi, Gravel Rd, Gravel Rd-1St Hse Lf, Gravel Road On Left, Gray Home On Left, Gray Hse On W Side, Gray Trailer Hse R, Gray Trl, Graytr-L, Green Acres Rd, Greenfield, Greenhouses Cameron, Greenville, Greenwood Rd 2Nd Hse, Griffin Add'n, Grocery, Grocery In Stevenso, Grocery On Left, Grocery S. Side, Grocery Turn N 1St, Grocery, N. Side, Grounds, Grove, Grve Rd 2 Mi On Rt, Guerra Ln,W On N Sd, Guiding Light Church, Guthrie, Guymon, Gvn Pckt Rd-N Side, Gwynn Swanson


H On S Side S354n3w, H Sd Hendrix, H To Inter. 1 1/4M E, Hackett, Haileyville, Hall, Hallett, Hamilton Rd, Hammon, Hand, Hanna, Happy Corner, Hardesty, Hardesty Rt.1 Box 46, Harmon, Harrah, Harris, Harris Store, Harthshorne, Hartshorne, Hartshrone, Hasings, Haskell, Haskell Wood Shop, Hastings, Hatfield Road, Haw Creek, Haworth, Haworth,, Haynes Lane, Haywood, Hc 60 Box 662, He & Pittsburg Rd, Headrick, Healdton, Health Clinic, Heart-O-Hill Ch., Heavener, Heavner, Heights, Heights Addition, Helen, Helen St. 1St On Rt, Helena, Hell Rd, Hembree Rd., Hembree Rd.-West Sid, Hendirx, Hendrick, Hendrix, Hennepin, Hennessey, Henrtetta, Henryetta, Herman, Herman Store, Herndon Comm, Herriott Dr, Hickory, Hickory, Gowen, Hicks, Weleetka, Higgins, High Hill, High Rd, High School, Highland Addition, Highland, S Side, Highway, Highway 58 S 6 Miles, Highway 60, Highway 82, Hill, Hill N Dale, Hill Onleft, Hill Quinton, Hill Rd, Hill Rd. 2 Mi., Hill Road, Hills, Hills Circle, Hills Fire Dept S Sd, Hills Rd, Hills School, Hillsdale, Hines Rd-W Side, Hinton, Hisey Rd, E Side, Hitchcock, Hitchcock West Sd Rd, Hitchita, Hitchita Community, Hitchita Cor, Hitchita Corner, Hitchita Store, Hitcita, Hiway 76, Hiy 69 On R, Hllyck Sch On Left, Hm. On Right Side, Ho Us E W Of Meno N Side, Hobart, Hochatown, Hochatown Rd On N Sd, Hodgen, Hoffman, Hoggard Rd, Holdenville, Holenville, Hollandia W 1 M, Holliandia W 1M, Hollis, Hollister, Hollow Rd, Hollow Rd 6 /10 Mi., Hollow Road, Holly Creek, Hollycreek, Hollycreek Sch, Hollycreek School, Hollycreek Store, Holson Crk., Holsum Creek Rd, Home, Home Calera, Home On Left, Home On N Side, Home On R Canadian, Home On Right, Home On W Side, Home Park 2Nd Trl Rh, Home Past Marina, Home Rd, Tn Left, Home Road, Homesite, Homestead, Hominy, Honobia, Hontubby, Hooker, Hopeton, Hopkins Sta Hanna, Horse, Horse Ranch, Hose On Rt, Hou, Hous, Hous L, Hous On L, Hous On N Sd Of Rd, Hous On R, House, House Watts, House 2Mi On Lft, House At Dead End, House At End, House At End Of Rd, House Church, House E Of, House L, House Left, House Of Ne Corner, House On Corner, House On E, House On E Side, House On East Side, House On L, House On Left, House On Left Vlnt, House On Lf, House On N Side Rd, House On North, House On North Side, House On Property, House On R, House On Right, House On Right Side, House On Road, House On S, House On South, House On South Side, House On West Side, House Past Crandells, House South Side, House W Of Beck&Root, House W Si Of Rd, House W,Pioneer Fire, House, W Side, Houseonssideofemain, Houuse North Side, Howard & Walker 1St, Howard E J.T. Robert, Howe, Howell Rd, Hoyt, Hs At Y, Hs Left, Hs Lf, Hs Lft, Hs Of Left, Hs Of Rt, Hs On East Side Rd, Hs On Lf, Hs On Lft, Hs On North, Hs On R, Hs On R. Sd., Hs On Right, Hs On Rt, Hs On Rustc Rd S Sd, Hs On S, Hs On S Sd Of 277, Hs On W Sd, Hs S Sd, Hs W Of Zaneis Sch S Sd, Hs. On Left, Hs. Trailer Next To, Hse, Hse Before R.R Trck, Hse Cartwright, Hse Colbert, Hse Cor Left Sd, Hse Ea Side, Hse End Of Rd, Hse N Sd Rd, Hse On E Side Of Rd, Hse On L, Hse On Left, Hse On Left 17-26-12, Hse On Left Benningt, Hse On N, Hse On N Sd Of Rd, Hse On N Side, Hse On N. Sd Hendrix, Hse On N. Sd In 3Rd, Hse On R Before Ball, Hse On Righ, Hse On Right, Hse On Right Bokchit, Hse On Right Colbert, Hse On Road, Hse On Rt, Hse On South Side, Hse On The Rt, Hse On W Sd Of Rd, Hse On W Sd Rd, Hse On W Side Of Rd, Hse On Wesdt Sd Road, Hse On West Side, Hse R, Hse R Side, Hse S Sd Weatherford, Hse S Side, Hse S. 1Mi On E. Sd, Hse So. Side, Hse Tan/Brn, Hse. On Left, Hse-N Sd. Exit U.S, Ht 4Th Hse On Left, Huddleston House, Hudson\S Cornr, Hughes Welding, Hugo, Hulah Laje Rd, Hulah Rd., Hulbert, Hunter, Hw 84- N Side, Hwy, Hwy - Canton, Hwy #78, Hwy 1, Hwy 1/2 Mi Back W, Hwy 10, Hwy 11, Hwy 113 South, Hwy 136, Hwy 177, Hwy 18, 1/4 S, Hwy 183,1/2M W,Nside, Hwy 20, Hwy 21 Tn Lft 2.8 Mi, Hwy 259, Hwy 266, Hwy 266-Trailer On E, Hwy 270 On Buff Rd, Hwy 271, Hwy 271 On Lf., Hwy 277 Of Geronimo, Hwy 29, Hwy 3 S Side Of Bdg, Hwy 31, Hwy 412, 1S, 1/2W, Hwy 48, Hwy 50 & 39 S. Side, Hwy 53, Hwy 60 & 169, Hwy 60 S Side, Hwy 63, Hwy 64 North Side, Hwy 69, Hwy 7, Hwy 70, Hwy 70-1 1/4S-Lt Sd, Hwy 82, Hwy 83, Hwy 83 Rt .2 On Lft, Hwy 83-Howe, Hwy 9 2 M S Turn L, Hwy 98, Hwy In Pontotoc, Hwy. 4, Hwy. 50, Hwy. 62 & I-40., Hwy. 9, Hwy. No. Side, Hwy19, Hwy29&Indmer, West S, Hwy-4 W Of I-35, Hwy70 Blue, Hydro, Hywod Trn


I_40The1.5Mnonwside, I-40 Crosses 64, I40 E 1 Mi On Ew109, I-40 Red Brick Hse, Ice Plant Rd, Idabel, Idabel In Redla Nd, Idb At Redland, Ide Of St, Ight Colbert, Ight,Powell, In, In Arpelar, In Bowlegs, In Buncombe Creek, In Canute, In City Limits, In Cleora, In Delaware, In Eagletown, In Enos, Kingston, In Gans, In Holly Creek, In Kellond, In Lenapah, In Lone Grove, In Nw Sec4 3N 2W), In Nw Sw Sec28 4N 1E, In Pollard, In Sect. # 21, In Seiling-5 Mi Nw, In Strat- S Sd, In Town Sterling, In Trailer Hse, In Tribbey, In Vian, In Wtsn, Ind Church, Ind. Merd.-W Side, Indainola, Indiahoma, Indian Camp, Indian Crk Bridge, Indian Hills, Indian Merd.-W Side, Indian Meridian, Indian Meridian-E Sd, Indian Meridian-W Sd, Indianola, Ing, Ingersoll, Ings Church, Inidanola, Inland Rd, Inn W Sd Of Rd, Inola, Insurance-Spiro, Inter W Sd, Inter. West Side, Inters.-Nw Corner, Intersection, Intersection 199, Intersection 70, Intersection Back Rt, Into, Into Fargo, Intrsec. House On R, Ints., Io, Ion North Side Mead, Irving Cove, Isabella


J, J.E. Tabor, Jackson Mtn, Jacktown, Javine Hill 1/2 Mi W, Javine Hill W 1/2 Mi, Jay, Jc's Store, Jct, Jct 74 & 29, Jefferson Ave 3/4 M, Jenks, Jennings, Jennings (32-19-8), Jet, Jimtown, Joe Hough Rd, Joe Kelly Rd, Joe Whittington Rd, Joes Bar-B Q, John Deere Store, John Winkler, Johnson Road, Johnston Road, Jones, Jones Road, Joy, Juct 412 10-22-10, Jumbo, Junct Ion, Junkyard Rd, Just Befor Pyle Mt, Just West Of Eastlak, Justice School


K R 1S Hous On L, K Road, Kingston, K West Johnson Hse, Kansan, Kansas, Kaw City, Ke Dr. 3/10M 1St Hse, Keithley Store, Kelly N. Side, Kellyville, Keltner, Kemp, Kendrick, Kenefic, Kenefic Comm Center, Kenton, Kenwood, Keota, Kerbs, Kerr Mcgee Oil Statn, Kerr Rd, Ketchum, Kethum, Keyes, Keystone Col Cleve., Keystone Colony, Keystone Lake Area, Kgfr., Kiamichi Wilderness, Kiefer, Kildare, Kill Lk, Kin, King Res), Kingfisher, Kingh., Kings Hwy 28-17-5, Kings Rd Ardmore, Kingst, Kingston, Kinlck Farms, Madill, Kinta, Kiowa, Kistril Ln Bokchito, Klondike Rd-E Side, Klondike-E Side, Knot Hole Comm, Knothole School, Knowles, Koch Trailer Park, Konawa, Kosoma, Krebs, Kremlin, Kulli Rd.


L, L 1/2 M., L Adamson, L At Intersection, L First Hous On R, L Hand Sd Of Highway, L Hous On Corn, L Hse On Rt Before, L Into, L On Higgins, L On Lone Oak Rd, L Rd 1St Hse On Righ, L Sd, L Sd Rd, L Side, L To 1St Hse On Left, L, 2Nd House Of Lft, L,To 1St Inter,R 2Nd, L. On Grassy Farm Rd, L. Sd. Rd., Boley, L. To End Of Road, L.G., Lael Rd-E Side, Lahoma, Lahoma, 6 Miles S, Lake, Lake Humphrey, Lake Pine Retreat, Lake Rd, Lake Rd 3/4 Mi W Of, Lake Rd Inter., Lake Rd) Mobile Home, Lake Road, Lake Shore Drive, Lake Texoma, Lake-Pearman Rd, Lakeridge East, Lakeshore, Lakeview 1/2 Blk S, Lakeview Drive, Lamar, Lamont, Land Rd, Landfill Rd, Landing, Lane, Lane 1.7M Trl H Ssde, Lane 1/2Mile Silo, Lane 3/10 Mile On L, Langley, Langston, Last Home, Last House, Last House East Side, Last House On Left, Last House On Right, Last House On Road, Last Hs On South, Last Hse Left, Last Hse On Left, Last Hse On Right, Last Hse On Road, Last On Right, Latham Rd- Shady Pnt, Latham Road, Latta, Lattimore, Laverne, Laverne S Sd Of Rd, Laverne,, Lawson Ln Sw Cr,Pv, Lawson Ln, Sw Corner, Lawter & Lyle Rd, Lawton, Lazy Acres, Ld Rd 1/2M East Sd, Lea Tr Hse On Nor Sd, Leach, Lebanon, Leedey, Leflore, Left, Left 1/2 Mi, Left 1/2Mi, Left 100 Yds On Rt, Left 1Mi Wagoner, Left 2Nd Hse On Left, Left 3 Miles, Left 3/4 Mile, Left At Morane Loop, Left At Top Of Mt, Left Broken Bow, Left Durant, Left First House On, Left Hand Side, Left Hnd Side Of Rd, Left On Rd Hh 3/4M, Left Sd Bokchito, Left Side, Left Side Of Rd, Left Side Of Road, Left Side Road, Left Smithville, Left To 1St House On, Left To 2Nd House, Left To Hse, Left, 11Th House, Left, Go To 3Rd Trlr, Left, Randlett, Left, Valliant, Left, Watson, Leftside, Left-Western Heights, Lehigh, Lela, Lemon Hill, Len, Lenapah, Lenora, Leon, Leonard, Lequire, Level House, Lewisville, Lexington, Lf 1 Mi, Lf At Stop Sign, Lf. 1/4 Ml On Rt, Lf. Back Rt-Bokoshe, Lfe, Lft, Lft 2Nd Hs On Rt, Lft Follow Drtrd Til, Lft, Watson, Li 66 2Nd Inters On, Liberty, Liberty Hill, Liberty Rd-N Side, Liberty School, Liberty Store, Light, Light In W.W., Lightning C Arena R, Limits, Limits), Lincoln, Lind, S:9 T3n,R4w, Lindsay, Lindsay E Sd, Lindsy, Line, Line 1 House On Wsrd, Line 1St House W Srd, Line No. 9 Hwy, Line On 31, Line Rd, Line Rd,1/2Mi E, Line Rd., Line Right Where The, Line. Clinton, Ling, Linnean Acres, Liquire, Little Bite Of Cntry, Little City, Live At End Of Road, Lk Rd, Ll Rd Porter, Ll Street Colbert, Lloyd Whit Rd, Llville Rd 2 Mi To E, Ln, Ln 1/2Mi South, Ln House At Dead End, Ln On W Sd Of Rd Wh, Ln, 1/2 S, 1/4 W, Local Supply Then Lf, Lock & Dam Road, Loco, Locust Grove, Log Home On Right, Logan, Lone Gove, Lone Grove, Lone Grove (12 5S 1W, Lone Wolf, Long Rd, Longdale, Longmire Rd, Strat, Longtonw, Longtown, Longtown Area, Look Rd, N 3/4 Mi, Lookeba, Looney Road, Loop Caddo, Lot S Sd Of Road, Lot#8, Lot, On Lf, Lot20(24-R.17E-T.11N, Lotawath & 266, Lots 11 & 12, Lottawata Rd, Loveland, Loves Valley Rd, Low Water Brdg On Lf, Lowery Ranch, Loyal, Lst Hse Rt Bokchito, Lst. Hse, Lt By Water Tower, Lt Golden, Lucien, Ludlow Comm, Lukfata, Lula, Lutheer, Luther


M, M 1St Trailer South, M E, M E Of Haydonville, M E On N Side, M E Side Of Rd, M Gate To 2Nd St, M House On Left, M I E, M L, M N, M N On E Side Of Rd, M N White Sands Ch, M N, E Sd Of Rd, M N, E. Sd. Rd., M N, N Side, M N., L. Sd. Rd., M On Lt, M S, M S Of Rd 14, M S Of Tville Schoo, M S West, M So, M Tn L, M Turn Left, M W, M W Addilee Church, M W Jay Bird Church, M W Of Gans, M W Of Po, M W On B Hutson S Side, M W Peavine School, M W, 1/4 M N, W Sd, M W,House On N Side, M W., M West, South Side, M,E Apx 7 Miles, M,N Into Rt 1 Box 62, M. East 1\8 M. North, M. East Side Of Rd, M.H On N Sd, M.Live On R.Sd.Of Rd, Mable Grand, Macomb, Madil, Madill, Mailbox, Main, Main Bowlegs, Main St&Hwy115,Sside, Major, Make 3Rd Rt. Durant, Malone Rd, Manchester, Manford, Mangum, Manitou, Mannford, Mannsville, Manor, Kingston, Mans Curve E Side, Maramec, Marble, Marble City, Marble City School, Marietta, Marina, Marina Area, Market Rd 20 5S 3E, Marland, Marlow, Marlow On Caddo, Marlow(Lake Humphrey, Marrietta, Marshall, Marshall County, Mart, Martha, Martin Mhp, Maryetta School, Mason, Mason Oakes, Mason School, Masters Rd., Maud, Maupin St. Colbert, May, Maysville, Maysville (Sec 11), Maysville City Limit, Maysville East Side, Maysville- W Sd, Maysville,West Side, Mazie, Mc Alester, Mc Alester, Mc Co. Wilderness, Mca, Mcalester, Mcbride, Mccalls Rd, Mcclungs Store, Mccoy Ford Rd, Mccurtain, Mckey Hill, Mcloud, Mcquicks Gr T R 1/4, Mdn. Rd. 1/4 Ml, Mead, Meadows Additions, Medford, Medi And Go Bac N, Medicine Creek Rd, Medicine Park, Medicine Rd, Meeker, Meers, Memorial Dr, Memorial Drive, Memory Gardens, Meno, Merchantile Blk 2N W, Merd.(1-2N-1W), Meridian, Meridian Ln Rd, Meridian Lone Grove, Metary, Mh On Right, Mh Park, Mi, Mi From Cox City Ch, Mi So, Mi (Curtis), Mi And Turn E, Mi And Turn Right, Mi Down Dir Rd Trn L, Mi E, Mi E 1/2 S And 1/4 M, Mi E Corwder, Mi E Glover Schl, Mi E Hc Sch, Mi E Of Boynton, Mi E Of Cowlington, Mi E Of Haw, Mi E Of Maud Y, Mi E Of Maud Y On S Side, Mi E Of Old Kellong Schl, Mi E Of Po, Mi E Of Smithville, Mi E Of Texaco On N Side, Mi E Of Walker Sch N Sd, Mi E Of Welch, Mi E On 81St, Mi E On County Rd, Mi E Rt Sd Of Rd, Mi E Sd Rd, Mi E Se Savanna St, Mi E, Left Side, Mi E, N Sd, Mi E, N Side, Mi East, Mi Est, Mi L, Mi Le South Of State Line, Mi N, Mi N Wright City, Mi N 1/2 Mi E 1 Mi N, Mi N 3/4 Mi Rd 405, Mi N East Side, Mi N Felker Church Ls, Mi N Of, Mi N Of Bb, Mi N Of City Hall, Mi N Of Little Cem, Mi N Of Mton, Mi N On E Side, Mi N On Flattop Rd, Mi N Wainwright, Mi N, W Side Of Rd, Mi Ne Of Battiest, Mi Ne Of Watson, Mi N-E Side, Mi No Clinton, Mi No Gore High Schoo L, Mi North, Mi Of Tom, Mi On N Sd, Mi On N Side On Elm, Mi On Right, Mi Rd Turn West, Mi Right Top Hill, Mi S, Mi S Bbow, Mi S - Minco, Mi S E Sd, Mi S Mobile Home On, Mi S Of, Mi S Of Arpelar Stor, Mi S Of Bdal, Mi S Of Brushy Store, Mi S Of H266, Mi S Of Mutua, Mi S Of Town, Mi S Of Vlnt, Mi S On E Sd Of Rd, Mi S On Left, Mi S On Perry Raod, Mi S, E Side Of Road, Mi S, East Side, Mi S. Colbert, Mi S.W. 2-24-10, Mi S/3 1/2 Mi W On L, Mi So, On Right, Mi So., Mi South, Mi Sw Of City, Mi To R, Mi Tr E Go 1/2 Mi Hs, Mi W, Mi W 1St House N-Sd, Mi W Hs On Rt, Mi W N Side, Mi W Of, Mi W Of Eucha Store, Mi W Of Mazie, Mi W Of Mutual, Mi W Of Pearl Ch, Mi W On Oswalt Rd, Mi W, No Sd Rd, Mi W., Mi West, Mi West Antlers, Mi West Side, Mi, E 1/10, Mi, E Sd, Mi, N. Side, Mi. 2Nd Hs On Rst, Mi. E., Mi. Hse Left Colbert, Mi. N., Mi. W, N Side Of Rd., Mi. W., Mi. W. 1/4 S., Mi.Lf.On Hwy10a .2Mi, Miami, Middle Of Block, Midwest City, Milburn, Mile, Mile Calera, Mile East, Mile Left Sd Of Rd, Mile N, Mile North, Mile On Right, Mile On South, Mile Rd 4Th Hse, Mile S 3/10M To Drwy, Mile S.W. 2-24-10, Mile South, Mile South-West Side, Mile Turn N 3Rd Hse, Mile W N Side, Mile West, Mile, 1St Trailer No, Miles, Miles North, Miles South, Miles West, Milfay, Military Road, Mill Creek, Mill Creek, Millcreek, Miller, Miller & Porter Ave, Miller Communcity, Miller Community, Millerton, Millerton Groc., Millerton Grocery, Millerton Hse Cafe, Milo, Minco, Mis E Sde, Mission, Mission Acres, Mission Road, Mitchell Rd, Mi-Trn Lft 1 Mi Rt S, Ml 1/4 M W Sd Rd, Ml Lf End Of Rd, Ml S, Ml. To Trailer Park, Mls Then E 1 M S3/4M, Mls. E., Mls. Past Harper Sch, Mls.,N. Cross Guard, Mm Center, Mn, Mn, E Sd, Mobil Home, Mobile Home, Mobile Home Lft, Mobile Home On Left, Mobile Home Park -Pv, Mobile Home W Side, Mobile Home, Council, Mobile On Right, Mobilehome Byredbarn, Moble Home, Mockingbird Ln, Moffett, Moho Next To H2o Twr, Moho On Right, Moho On Right, Kings, Moho, Madill, Monkey Island, Monroe, Moodys, Moon, Moon Curve, Moonshine Road, Moonshine West Side, Moore, Moore Ranch Rd., Mooreland, Mooreland E.Sd., Mooreland,N.Sd.Of Rd, Morris, Morris Crk. Rd., Morrison, Morton Rd, Maysville, Morton Rd-S Side, Mounds, Mountain Park, Mountain View, Moyer, Moyers, Ms, E Sd Of Rd, Mt Herman, Mt N 1 Mi Hse End Rd, Mt Park, Mt Rd, Mt View, Mt., Mt. Ex., Mt. Park, Mt. View, Mt.Frk Rd. 1St L., Mt.View, Mtn Park, Mtn. View, Mud Creek, Muddy Creek West Sd, Muddy Crk Hse N. Sd, Muddy Crk On West Sd, Mudlrow, Muhall, Muld, Muld., Mulddrow, Muldow, Muldrow, Muldrow North Side, Muldrow S. On 64, Mulhall, Murry Spur, Muse, Muskogee, Muskogee Haskell, Mustang, Mustang Rd, 1St Rt, Mutual, Mw, Myall, Myrtle Huebsch


N, N #10-Spiro, N & Riley Road, N .8 Mi, N .8 Mile, N 1 Blk, N 1 M West 1/2M, N 1 Mile, N 1/2 E, N 1/4 House On Right, N 1/4 Mi, N 2Nd Hom On R, N 2Nd Hse On Left Co, N 6 Blks, N 7/10 Mi, N 7Th House, N Blue & White Trlr, N E Of Davis, N E Sd, N Inter 76 & 7, N Into, N L On Choctaw, N Mcalester, N Of 37, N Of Checotah, N Of Cit, N Of Davis, N Of Rd, N Of Road, N Of Rr Tracks, N Of Rufe Store, N Of Turner School, N On Cr357 E & N End, N On Flat Top Rd, N On Grvl Rd 29 1N3w, N On Scip Rd 4.3 Mi, N Or Rock Rd., N R, N Right, Kingston, N S Rd, N Sandcreek Cartwrig, N Sd, N Sd Of Hwy, N Sd Of Rd, N Sd Of Rd Foss, N Sd Of Rd Cheek Rd, N Sd Rd, N Sde Rd, N Side, N Side Durant, N Side Lone Grove, N Side Of Hwy, N Side Of Rd, N Side Of Road, N Side Road, N Side Wilson, N Side, Elmore City, N Side, Rush Springs, N To 2Nd Hs, W Side, N To Last House, N To Ne Cor (Sec 27), N Turn, N W Corner, N West Into, N West Side, N, 12 House, W.Side, N, 3/4 Mi. E, N, Approx 1 M W,N Sd, N, House On East Sd, N, W Side, N, W Side Of Rd., N. 1M To Gridner E., N. Of Watonga, N. On Dirt Rd.L Brk, N. Sd Bokchito, N. Sd. Rd., N. Side, N. Side Of Rd Geary, N. Side Of Rd., N. Side Of Road, N., R. Sd. Rd., N., W. 2/10 Ml On Rt, N.E. Corner, N.Enid, N.Left Cross Track, N.S. Rd, N.Sd 24-4-5, N.Sd.Of Rd., N.W.Corner, N/Side, N/Side Of Road, N1/2 Minco, Nardin, Nash, Nashoba, Nashoba Store, Nations N To Fox Fir, N-Brick House On E, Ne, Ne 1/4 10-6-14, Ne 1/4 Of 35-11-15, Ne Corner, Ne Ne 8-26-11, Ne Rd Durant, Ne Sd Rd Calera, Ne,1M S,1M E,3/4M S, Ne/4 28-T21n-R10w, Ne/4 Sec 13T22nr11w, Ne/Se 24-26-11, Ne1/4 Sec 1-10-08, Ne27 2S 13W, Ne4 32-13-7, Ne4 In 36-11-08, Ne4 In Sec 10-12-10, Ne4 In Sec 11-11-8, Ne4 In Sec 36-11-8, Ne4 Sec 28-11-7, Near Sobol, Necatunga, Neeson Wood Ln, Nelagoney, Nelogany, Nenid, Ner Add Appro 7 Mi E, Nescatunga, New Bridge Hse On Lf, New Lima, New Woodville, Newalla, Newcastle, Newkirk, Newport, Newport 1/4 E 1/8 N, Newport Rd. L.G., Nex Rd To Right, Next L Next L 3Rd H, Ng Creek, Nh, Nh 32-11W-19N, Niblack, Niblack (2 5S 2E), Niblack 1/2 Mi E 1 B, Nichols Hills, Nicoma Park, Nicut, Nida, Ninnekah, Ninnekah Store, Nna, No Of Mca, No Of Po On Main, No Of Vian, No Sd Rd Durant, No Side, No Side Of Road, No Side Road, Noble, Noble Wray Road, Nobletown Rd, Nor. Sd Rd Mead, Norge Store, Norman, Normans, North, North 1 M, East Into, North 1/4 Mile, North 259 Truck Stop, North 3/4 Mile, North Curve To End, North Into, North Miami, North Of Longdale, North Right Side, North Rt. 1 Porter, North Sd Caddo, North Sd. Of Hwy 270, North Sd. Of Rd., North Side, North Side 1-20-16, North Side Curve, North Side Hwy, North Side Of Rd, North Side Of Road, North Side Rd, North Side Road, North, East Into, North, Vian, North-Broken Bow, Northh Side, Northside, Not In City Limits, Notchietown Sch, Nowata, Ns, Ns 208 2 1/4 Mi, Ns 349, Ns 430, Ns 437 2 Mi E 103, Ns Of Road, Elmore, Ns Rd To Cotton Ln, Nsd, Nt Sch. Rd 1St Hse R, Ntimms, Nur. 1 1/2 Ml. Lf, Nursery, Nw 1/4 Of W 1/2, Nw 1/4 Of W1/2, Nw 4 Of 14-11-16, Nw 4 Of 22-9-15, Nw 7-20-13, Nw Corner, Nw Nw 4-22-10, Nw Of Nw 8-22-12, Nw S26-T23n-R11e, Nw/4 12-22-11, Nw/Se S29-T25n-R11e, Nw4 10-12-10, Nw4 20-11-10, Nw4 23-11-8, Nw4 Sec 10-12-10, Nwood Rd, Nxt Door To Ideal


O Mineral Spgs Churc, Oak, Oak Grove Bap Church, Oak Lawn Acres, Oak Ridge, Oak Springs, Oakdale Church- N Sd, Oakhill Hdst, Oakhurst, Oakland, Oakland , Madill, Oakland Area, Oakland, Madill, Oaklawn Add, Oakridge Acres, Oaks, Oaks, Weatherford, Oaks,E.1Blk, N.Side, Oakwood, Ocery In Stevenson, Ochelata, Octavia, Octavia Rd., Odgen Corner, Of 4 Corners, Of 4 Ln 1/2N, Of 4-Way Stop, Of 54 1/2 Mi N Hydro, Of Adamson, Of Albany Store, Of Allen, Of Alluwe, Of Altus, Of Ames, Of Antioch, Of Bap Ch, Of Battiest, Of Bayou, Of Bb, Of Beaty Church W Sd, Of Beaty Comm Bldg, Of Bethel, Of Big Cedar, Of Big Eagle Bridge, Of Blocker, Of Bluejacket, Of Bowlegs, Of Broken Bow, Of Buffalo Mtn, Of Butner Sch, Of Bv School, Of Cache, Of Canadian, Of Canute, Of Carter, Of Chan Dler, Of Checotah, Of Chester S Side Rd, Of Chester W, Of Christ, Of Christ, Porter, Of City Hall, Of City Limits, Of Cni, Of Cromwell, Of Crowder, Of D&S Store, Of Dearing Y, Of Duchess Creek On, Of E Sd 2123173, Of Eagletown, Of Eastman Church, Of Ec W Sd, Of Elgin, Of Elmore City, Of Elmore S Side, Of Fairland, Of Fairview, Of Fletcher, Of Football Field, Of Fox Sch, Of Gans School, Of Garvin, Of Geronimo, Of God Church, Of Golden Store S Side, Of Graham, Of Graham School, Of Graveyard, Of Guymon, Of Gwyn Swanson, Of Hammon, Of Haworth, Of Henni Pin, Of Hight Sch, Of Highway, Of Highway 271, Of Hiway 511, Of Hodgen, Of Holson Crk., Of Hugo, Of Hw 70, Of H-Way, Of Hwy, Of Hwy 1, Of Hwy 169, Of Hwy 37, Of Hwy 60, Of Hwy 62, Of Hwy 8, Of Hwy Rt 1 Box 431, Of Idabel, Of Idbl-Pollard, Of Indiahoma, Of Indianola, Of Intersection, Of Jacktown Sside, Of Jacktown Sside Rd, Of Justice Sch, Of Katie School- E Sd, Of Kend Rick, Of Kents-E Sd, Of Kents-N Sd, Of Konawa, Of Krebs, Of Last Chance, Of Leflore, Of Lenapah, Of Liberty Scho Ol, Of Liberty School, Of Little, Of Log Cabin, Of Long Hollow Rd, Of Low Water Bri, Of Macomb, Of Main Dbl Wide Mh, Of Mangum, Of Manitou, Of Marietta, Of Marlow S Sd, Of Mason Store, Of Maud, Of Maud Y, Of Maysville, Of Mcalester, Of Mcintosh, Of Mcintosh (Bromide, Of Meers, Of Miami, Of Milo, Of Mom & Pops, Of Monk Isl Church, Of Monroe, Of Mooreland, Of Mt Park, Of Mtn View, Of Muddy Crk E Sd Rd, Of Muldrow, Of Nowata, Of Noxie, Of Okeene, Of Old Hwy 64, Of Old Maud Y S Side, Of Onapa, Of P O, Of P.O. Millerton, Of Pg School, Of Pirtle Comm. Bldg, Of Pittsbur, Of Po, Of Post Office, Of Prague, Of Proctor, Of Pyl, Of Quail Run, Of R.S., Of Ratliff City, Of Rd, Of Rd Across-Sears, Of Rd Bokchito, Of Rd Cream H Green, Of Rd Dbl Wde Mo Hm, Of Rd Ft Towson, Of Rd Left Sd, Of Rd Weatherfor, Of Rd White House, Of Rd., Of Rd. Sect. 33, Of Reichert Stor, Of Ringling Sch, Of Road, Of Road 2W425-10-14, Of Road --Long Drive, Of Road Of Blair, Of Road Sw4 30-11-14, Of Road, Madill, Of Road, Okeene, Of Roadwalters, Of Roady, Of Rocky, Of Rocky Gin, Of Rufe Store, Of Rush Springs, Of Sasakwa P O, Of School, Of Schulter Sch Ool, Of Scipio, Of Scipio Store, Of Sh 34 Hammon, Of Sharon, Of Sharon On Left Sd, Of Skedee, Of Skiatook, Of Smithville, Of Snow, Of Sperry, Of Spiro, Of St, Of Sterling, Of Strat, Of Stratford, Of Street, Of Summerfield, Of Tabler, Of Tannehill Sc Hool, Of Tannehill Vfd, Of Thomas Ranch Rd, Of Town, Of Troy, Of Tuttle, Of Tville School, Of Utica, Of Valliant, Of Vamoosa, Of Verden, Of Vian, Of Vici, Of Vowels Store, Of Walters, Of Watonga, Of Watson, Of Waurika, Of Weleetka, Of Westville, Of Wew, Of Wewok A, Of Wewoka, Of Whitefieild, Of Whitefield, Of Wolf, Of Woodward, Of Woodward Airpor T, Of Y, Of Zoe Church, Off #7, Off 169, Off 259, Off Hwy #9, Off Hwy 101, Off Hwy 63, Off Hwy 70, Off Moran Loop, Off Of 412 Hwy, Off Of Hwy 259, Off Of I-40, Off Texanna Rd., Office, Office 1/2 W, N Side, Office 15 21N-10W, Oilton, Ok, Okarche, Okay, Okeah, Okeene, Okeene 13-20-10, Okemah, Okemah On Hwy 62, Okeman, Okemha, Okfuskee, Oklahoma City, Okmulgee, Oktaha, Old 112 Hwy, Old 29-S Side, Old 98, Old Antioch Rd-N Sd, Old Bokoshe Road, Old County Barn, Old Hwy 18-Sm Whte, Old Hwy 277/281, Old Hwy 70, Old Hwy 98, Old Hwy48 / 16-4-6, Old Moyers Rd., Old Pocola Rd., Old Union High Sch, Old Vickery Add, Oleta, Olney, Olustee, Om Mr D's, Omega, On 104 Appx 1/4 Mi, On 17 Hwy, On 19, 1 3/4 N, On 199, On 270 1\4 Mi. North, On 271 St., On 281 Sec 21-21-16, On 34 3W On N Side, On 412 3/12 S, On 64-B, On 66 (22 T24 R18e), On 7Th, Turn Left, On 82, On Ames Blacktop, On Bohannon Colbert, On Caney Creek, On Caney Creek Rd 1, On Chestnut Ln, On Chick.Trail, On Chickasaw Trail, On Circo Sta Rd 1/4, On Coon Rd, On Corner, On County Rd 7 Mi, On Cr154 3/4 N.Side, On Drt Rd 1/4 Mi, On Dwight Mission Rd, On E, On E Sd Of Rd, On E Side, On E Side (S4 3N 4W), On E Side Rd, On E, Weatherford, On E. Sd. Rd., On E. Side, On East, On East Side, On East Side Of Rd, On East Side Of Road, On East Side Rd, On Folsom Rd Durant, On Fuler, On Gravel Road, On Guerra Ln,3/10 S, On Hardesty Rd, On Hickory Lane, On Highway 58, On Hodgen Road, On Holsom Creek Rd, On Hwy 123, On Hwy 20, On Hwy 31, On Hwy 32, On Hwy 37, On Hwy 51-A, On Hwy 55, On Hwy 59 S Side, On Hwy 60, House N, On Hwy 66 S.Side Rd, On Hwy 8,11/2E, S, On Hwy 81, On Hwy 93, On Hwy 95-E Side Rd, On Hy #277, On Indian Rd, On Isabella Blk, On Jimtown Rd. 3 Mi., On Joe Whittington, On Johnny Beavers Tr, On Johnson St, On L, On L Fences Yard, On L Side Of Rd, On L., On Left, On Left Colbert, On Left Sd Rd, On Left Sd Road, On Left Side Mead, On Left Side Of Rd, On Left, Eagletown, On Left, Top Of Hill, On Lft, On Lft, Broken Bow, On Long Hollow Rd., On Loves Valley Rd., On Lside, On Magnl W Sd, On Magnolia- E Side, On Mail Rt Rd, On Main Street-Blue, On Marion Hwy, On Mckenzie Rd Madil, On Mer Line, On Mistletoe R On, On Moon Crv, On Morgan Hill, On Myall, On N Sd Of Rd, On N Sd-Lst On Rd, On N Side, On N Side Of Hwy, On N Side Of Rd, On N Side-Elk City, On N. Side, On Nabor, On Nelda Rd S Side, On Nolia Rd On Left, On North, On North Side, On North Side Rd., On Ns 436, Rt Sd, On Old Hwy St, On Osage Nside, On Peter Wates, On Pyle Mtn Go 1.6 M, On R, On R Colbert, On R On Rock Creek, On R Trailer House, On Ranchview, On Rd 153-Wister, On Rd 24, On Rd 408, On Rd 54-W Side, On Rd S, On Red Feat Then R, On Rgt., On Righ, On Right, On Right Kemp, On Right Side, On Right, Tom, On Right, Valliant, On Rock 9-20-14, On Rodeo Dr., On Roland Road, On Rt, On Rt Spiro, On Rt 270 N Side Of, On Rt- Map, On Rt Side Of Rd, On Rt, Broken Bow, On Rt., On Rt. Past Tr. Ct., On Rt. Valliant, On Rt-Spiro, On S Sd Of Rd, On S Sd Rd, On S Sid Rd, On S Side, On S Side 10-8-17, On S Side Rd, On S. Side, On S. Side Of Rd., On S.Sd.Of Rd., On Sh29-1S-1E, On Shadydale Rd. N., On Sliger, Lebanon, On So Side Of Rd, On South Side, On South Side Of Rd, On South Side Road, On Sw, On Sw Corner, On Swan Rd, On Swon Road, On The Left, On The Right Side, On The West Sd Of Rd, On Thompson St., On Top Of Hill, On W Ringwood, On W Sd, On W Sd Of Rd, On W Side, On W, Weatherford, On W. Sd Of Rd, On Webster Hil Rd, On West Side, On West Side, Wister, On West Side-Erick, On Wew, On Whipperwill, One Creek, Oneal Hill, Onga, Only Hs On Rt, Only Hse On Right, Oolagah, Oologah, Optima, Or .4Mi E Lukf Churc, Or Rd, Madill, Or Rd. 14 M S Of, Or W Sd Rd Rock Hs, Orienta, Orienta Ssr, Orion, Ork Sto Sin 1St Hou, Orlando, Orr, Osage, Oscar, Oswalt Rd., Ottawa Community, Otto Meadows, Ough School, Ous On S Sid Rd, Out Of City Limits, Overbrook, Overpass, Overpass, Right 1St, Overpass/Elk City, Owasso, Owhead Dr Go 1 1/2, Owhead Go 1 1/2 Mi, Own 6 Mi E Of Eufaul, Ozzie Cobb Lake Rd


P.O., Paddock Loop Caddo, Paden, Paden On Right, Paden., Panama, Panola, Panther Creek/W.Side, Paoli, Paoli-W Of 77-N Side, Paper Mill, Paradise Est Mble Hm, Paradise- Exit 69, Paradise Hill, Paradise Hills, Paradise Point, Paradise Pt, Paririe Valley, Paririe Valley Rd., Park, Park #6, Park Hill, Park Lake Dr Mead, Park Mead, Park On North Side, Park Road, Park W. Wilburton, Pasco Rd, Pass Big Creek, Pass Of Bailey, N Sd, Pass Tele Towe To Fr, Pass Turn Left Hse O, Past Chuculate Churc, Past No Mane Acres, Past Rd Runner, Past Victory Tmp Ch, Patrol Stat, Pauls Valley, Paus Valley, Paved Rd To Left, Paved Rd. 1.4 Ml S, Paved Road, Bl. Hous, Pawhusk, Pawhuska, Pawhuska On Hwy 99, Pawnee, Paynelakerd,N 1 1/8, Pct 1, Pct 20, Pearson L. 1/4M Left, Pearson Rd Colbert, Peavine, Peavine Comm., Pecan Grove, Pecan Valley Rd, Pecan Valley Rd-E Sd, Pecan Valley Rd-W Sd, Peggs, Pensacola, Peoria, Per Valle Rd Go Rr, Perkins, Pernell, Pernell School, Perry, Peter Conser House, Pharoah, Phillips, Picher, Pickens, Pickett, Pie Kitchen, Piedmont, Piitsburg, Pile-Go On Dirt Rd T, Pilgrim Rest, Pine Creek Rd, Pinetop, Piney Bridge, Piney Creek, Piney Creek Estate, Piney Crk Dr West, Pinkbrick Hse W Side, Pirtle Comm Bldg., Pitt, Pittsburg, Pittsbuyrg, Pixie Woods Go 5 Mi, Pixie Woods L Into T, Pk, 6Th Hse On Rt, Pl Hill Med Church, Pl Hill Meth Ch, Place, Plato Rd,Duncan, Platter, Pleasant Hill, Pleasant Rd L Sd Of, Pleasant Valley Rd, Plnt Sign Weleetka, Plunkettvillw, Pnt Rd Eufaula, Po Box 293, Po Bx 331 Dibble, Po N Side, Po. In Fitzhugh, Pocasset, Pocasset(1-31), Pocola, Point, Kingston, Pole Store, Pollard Church, Pollard Church W Sd, Pollard Community, Polo Ranch, Ponca City, Pond Creek, Pont Coal Co. Line, Pontotoc, Porter, Porter Hill, Porter Hill Rd, Porum, Porum On H 2 1/4 M E, Post Oak Rd, Post Oak Rd Benningt, Post Office, Post Office 51/2 S, Post Office E Side, Post Office Ruf E, Postoffice, Poteau, Powell Rd North 1/4M, Prague, Prarie Church, Preston, Prgue, Primrose Ln, Pritchets 21-7-22, Pritchett St, Private Rd, Proctor, Proctot, Project, Provence Rd, Prue, Prue Po, Pruitt City, Pryor, Pt, Kingston, Puddin Lane, Purcell, Putnam, Pv


Q Mi N On Shannon Rd, Quail Haven Rd, Quail Hollow Rd, Quail Run, Quapaw, Quarry Rd-3/4W-N Sd, Quinlan, Quinton, Quninton


R, R 1St Hse, R After Cross Int., R Big Blu Hou Longto, R Into, R On Gail Rd, R On Prairie Rd, R On West Liberty, R Past Bumpas Rd, R Past Hugh, R Sd, R Side, R#1 Box 682, R, 1/4 M S Sd Yl Hs, R. 1B. S E Side, R. Side, R.S., R.Side Of Rd., R/S, R:01E, Pauls Valley, R:1W, Elmore City, R:1W, Paoli, R:1W, Wynnewood, R:2W, Foster, R@Nxt Int-R@Nxt Int, R12w, R12w E Side Of Rd, R17e Exit Texanna Rd, R2 B122 Stratford, R3 B86-1A Lindsay, Ragsdale Dr, Raiford, Ralston, Ramona, Ranch, Ranch, Madill, Ranchdownhilltoprop, Randlett, Range 10W, Ratan, Ratatn, Ratliff City, Ratliff, W Sd Of Rd, Rattah, Rattan, Rattan On S Side, Ravia, Rck Hse On Sw Corner, Rckmtn, Rd, Rd & 1/8 North, Rd & Blanco Road, Rd & Hwy 31 W, Rd (Outside City Lim, Rd (Sec.14), Rd (Sec16-08S-08E), Rd 1 Mi E, Rd 1 Mi E 1/4 Mi, Rd 1 M-W 1/4 M., Rd 1/2 M 3Rd House, Rd 1/2 Mi Up Hill, Rd 1/2M On West Sd, Rd 1/4 M Go West, Rd 1/8 Mi, W, Rd 1St Hs On Rt, Rd 1St Rt Last Hs Rt, Rd 2 Mi Blue Branch, Rd 2 Mi E 1/2 S, Rd 21, Rd 21 1/4 M, Rd 28, Rd 2Nd House On R, Rd 3 Miles, Rd 3/4 Mi Ea Sd Rd, Rd 4 E To Rd 425, Rd 408, Rd 411, Rd 416 3/4 M N & 1/4, Rd 423, Rd 5, West To Rd 408, Rd 6 Mi Hom On L, Rd Before Lovs Vly R, Rd Caddo, Rd Crowder, Rd Durant, Rd E Sd Bokchito, Rd E Side Of Rd., Rd E Side-Rock House, Rd East 1 1/2M On N, Rd East Private Rd, Rd From 70, Rd From Hydro, Rd Go .7M South Sd, Rd Hilltop Store-1Mi, Rd Intersection, Rd Last House At End, Rd Mellette Comm., Rd N 1 M E Sde Of Rd, Rd N 1/3 Mi E Side, Rd N 1/4Mi E Sd Rd, Rd N 1M W Side Of Rd, Rd N. 1/2M 1St Hse E, Rd Of 113, Rd On Harvell, Rd On Left Sde Of Rd, Rd On N Side, Rd On N.Side, Rd On Rt, Rd On S Side, Rd R On Blevin Rd, Rd Rt Side, Rd S 1/2 Mile, Rd Silo, Rd So Side, Rd To 5 Mi Quinton, Rd To Cliff Hts, Rd To Cross Rds, Rd To Hilltop Store-, Rd To Mark Ogden's, Rd Trlr. Park, Rd Trn N 1St Hs On R, Rd Turn Back L 1/4 M, Rd Turn R 7 Devil Rd, Rd Weatherford, Rd West On Three Mil, Rd Wister, Rd Yellow Brick Hous, Rd,, Rd, 1 M N, E Sd, Rd, 1/2M, 2Nd Dr L, Rd, 1St Rt., Rd, 2Me, N. Sd. Rd., Rd, 3 Sec W, 1/4 S, Rd, 4 Mi S, 1 Mi W, Rd, E To Dead End, Rd, Hse On N Sd Rd, Rd, Just N Of Cr157, Rd, Kingston, Rd, Last House On E, Rd, Last Hs Facing E, Rd, Stroud, Rd, Tan Brick Hs On, Rd, Turn N. 1/4 Mi., Rd, Weatherford, Rd,E Side Of Rd, Rd., Rd. Weleetka, Rd. #7, Rd. 1 Mile So, Rd. 1/2 Ml. W., Rd. 1/4 Mi S, Rd. 110-1/4 Ml On Rt, Rd. 2Mls S., Rd. 6016, Rd. 6107, Rd. Durant, Rd. Go 7 Mi., Rd. Go East, Turn S, Rd. Lf. 1/4 Ml.Rt.1M, Rd. N Side, Rd. N. 2Mls. W. 1/4M, Rd. S. Side Of Rd., Rd. S.Sd.Hi-W Mobil, Rd. So At Tote N, Rd. Tn Rt 2Nd Hs, Rd., 1/4 Ml. On Rt., Rd., 1St Rt., Rd., 2Nd Hs., Rd.... Welty, Rd.1\2 Mile, Rd.-N Side, Rd.-S. Side, Rd-1N-1W-1/8N Into, Rdg Country Estates, Rd-L To Trlr R Side, Rd-North Side Of Rd, Rd-Smithville, Rd-Trn L To Trl R Sd, Rd-W Si, Rd-W Side, Rd-Woodward, Re Rd, Re Rd 1St Hse On Lef, Reagan, Red Bird, Red Brick, Red Brk Hs On Hill, Red Everett Rd, Red Oak, Red Oak Rd, Red Oak, Near Saloni, Red Oak, Salonia Com, Red Rock, Redbird, Redland, Redland Comm.Muldrow, Redland Rd, Redland Rd. 3/4 M E, Redland Road, Redrock, Redshopbldgbrnrock, Redwood, Redwood Rd., Reed, Reichert, Reichert Community, Reichert Store, Renfrow, Reno, Rentiesville, Rentieville, Re-Reg Dam Rd, Residence Mobile Hm, Resivior, Resort, Gore, Rest., Resthaven Cemetery, Retreat, Reydon, Reynolds Chapel Rd, Rge 2 E, Rge 4, Rght, Rgt 2Nd Hse On Left, Riage 3Rd Hse Ea Sd, Richert, Ridg Cl Go 1/2 Mi Tu, Ridge, Ridge Acres, Ridge Road, Ridge Subdiv, Ridgewood Estates, Right, Right Durant, Right (Red House), Right 1/4 Mi Right, Right 1/4 Mi Warner, Right 1St Left, Right Gravel Rd, Right Hendrix, Right N. Parklake Dr, Right On Guerra Ln, Right On L M Collins, Right Sd, Right Sd Of Rd, Right Sd Of Road, Right Side, Right Side Of Rd, Right Side Of River, Right Side Of Road, Right Side Vian, Right To 3Rd House, Right Turn Lef, Right Turn Left, Right Under C.B.Hill, Right-Wister, Ring Pines Mobil Hme, Ringlin G, Ringling, Ringold, Ringwood, Ringwood S17-21N-10W, Ringwood, Ok, Ringwood, Okla., Ripley, Riv, River S Road, River, 1St Rd. Rt., Rn S .5 Mi Oak Ridge, Road, Road 3 3/4 Mi S On, Road - Hitchcock, Road Mead, Road Sw4 15-8-18, Road , 1St Hse On Lf, Road 1 Mile, Road 149, Road Behind Iga, Road Bennington, Road F, N Side, Road Fort Towson, Road From Hwy 60, Road Haywood, Road In Muldorw, Road Left Side, Road Muldrow, Road On Right, Road Past Inters., Road Valliant, Road, 1.9 Miles, Road, North Side, Road, Stroud, Road-West Side, Roberta Church, Roberta Rd Durant, Rock Creek Heights, Rock Crus Turn L 1St, Rock House On Left, Rock House On Rt, Rock Island, Rock Island-Cameron, Rock Road, Rock Road No Of Hwy, Rock Road No Off Hwy, Rock Springs, Rockford Road, Rockjail Road, Rocky, Rocky Mt. School, Roff, Roger Cafe, Roland, Roland Rd, Roll, Rolling Hills, Rolling Oaks, Rolling Oaks Est., Romia Rd 3Rd Hse Lef, Romia Rd Hse Right, Roof, Roof & Truss, Roosevelt, Rose, Rose & Ivy, Rosedale, Rosston, Rossville, Rothammer Road, Royal Oaks Rd-N Sd, Royal Oaks Rd-N Side, Royal Oaks Rd-S Side, Rr Tracks, Rr. 1, Box 25, Rt, Rt 1 Box 285 Garvin, Rt 1 Box 318, Elmore, Rt 1 Box 496, Idabel, Rt 1 Box 523, Rt 1 Box 952, Rt 1 Eufaula, Rt 1, Box 61 A, Rt 2 Geary, Rt 2 Box 116A, Rt 2 Box 131 Maysv, Rt 2 Box 134, Rt 2 Box 135 Wyn, Rt 2 Box 23C Ww, Rt 2 Box 256D Wynn, Rt 2 Box 47 Strat, Rt 2 Box 70B Elmore, Rt 2 Box 81Ab Elmore, Rt 2 Box 88J Strat, Rt 2 Bx 182 Wynn, Rt 2 Bx46d, Strat, Rt 3 Box 146 Lindsay, Rt 5 Box 224, Rt 6 Box 288-J, Rt E Sd, Rt On Chckn Ln 1/2Mi, Rt On Main, Rt On Sterrett Road, Rt Sd Rd Caddo, Rt Side, Rt Side Of Road, Rt, Go 2 Mi, Lft Sd, Rt., Rt. 1, Box 61 A, Rt. 1, Box 64, Rt. 1St House On Lef, Rt. 2 Box 8036, Rt. 2, Box 98, Rt. 2.5 Ml At End, Rt. Before Brdg., Rt. Sd. Rd., Rt. Side, Rt.4,Box 541-A,Tecum, Rt2 Box 47 Strat, Rubottom, Rubottom Post Office, Ruf, Rufe, Rural Fire Dept, Rush Spings, Rush Springs, Russelvill Rd, Russet, Ryal, Ryan


S, S .5 Mi, S 1 1/2 Mi E N Sd Rd, S 1 Blk, W Sd, S 1.7Mi Left, S 1/2 28-13-21, S 1/2 Mi W, S 1/4M, E1/4M 1St H, S 1St Brick On Rig, S 2Nd House, S 3/4 E, S 3/4 Mi Hugo, S 3/4M On Tabler Rd, S 4 Mi, S 8 School, S Clayton-L Side, S Coffeyville, S Crv 3Mi Lf 1/4Mi R, S Cville, S E, S E Corner, S E Sd, S Go Till Rd Ends, S Into, S Loves Valley Rd, S Northwest Side, S Of Craig, S Of Elgin, S Of Hwy 266 End Rd, S Of Ring., 5S,E Srd, S On Cemetary Rd, S On E Sd Of Rd, S On Praire Rd, S On Rd 412 1/4 M, S On Sanders 1/2 Mi, S On Stab Rd, S Sd, S Sd 36-4-7, S Sd Of Rd, S Sd Of Road, S Sd Rd, S Sd Rd Orienta, S Si E, S Side, S Side 10-8-17, S Side (Hanna), S Side Of Fox, S Side Of Hwy 17, S Side Of Rd, S Side Of Rd Hanna, S Side Of Rd., S Side Of Road, S Side Rd, S Side Road Trailer, S Side With Garage, S Trail, S Turn E 1/2 Mi Turn, S Turn Right On Co, S W Side, S, 1/4 M W, W Sd, S, 1St House Right, S, E. Sd. Rd., S, Fox Post Office, S, W Sd, Weatherford, S,Sd, S., S. 1/2 M. Gray House, S. 1/2 Ml Gray House, S. 1Mi. East Sd Rd, S. Bokchito, S. Coffeyville, S. C'ville, S. Hse S.Sd Rd., S. In Pasture, S. Of Road, S. Of School, S. Sd Rd Bokchito, S. Side, S. Side Of Road, S. W. Sd. Rd., S., E. Sd. Rd., S., W. Sd. Rd., S.E. Corner, S.Of Hwy 150, S.On English Rd 1/2M, S.Sd, S.Sd.Of Rd., S/2,Ne/4 16-20-9, S:1, T:1N, R:2W, S:33, T:1N, R3w, S:5, T:1N, R:1E, S:8,T:1N,R:2W Elmore, S01 T20n R10e, S01 T21n R11e, S01-T20n-R10e, S01t22n-R09e, S01-T25n-R07e, S01-T25n-R09e, S02-T25n-R06e, S02-T25n-R08e, S03 T25n R09e, S03-T25n-R09e, S04 T26n R12e, S04-T21n-08E, S04-T22n-R12e, S05-T21-R12e, S06-25N-R09e, S06-T21n-R12e, S06-T25n-R09e, S06-T26n-R12e, S07 T22n R12e, S08 T21n R12e, S08 T22n R12e, S08-T21n-R12e, S08-T22n-R09e, S08-T25n-R09e, S09 T22n R12e, S09 T26n R12e, S09-T21n-R12e, S09t-23N-11E, S09-T23n-R11e, S09-T23n-R12e, S09-T26n-R06e, S1 T24n R10e, S10 T22n R11e, S10-R21n-R12e, S10-T22n-R12e, S11 T23 R14, S11 T26n R10e, S11-T28n-R10e, S12 T26n R11e, S12-22N-R09e, S12-T06s-R21e, S12-T22n-R09e, S12-T24n-R04e, S13-T26n-R11e, S14-T22n-R10e, S14-T26n-R11e, S15 T22n R11e, S15-T22n-R09e, S15-T22n-R11e, S15-T24n-R11e, S15-T26n-R11e, S15-T26n-R12e, S15t28n-R10e, S16 T22n R11e, S16 T26n R12e, S16-24N-R11e, S16-26N-R12e, S16-T21n-R12e, S16-T22n-R11e, S16-T24n-R11e, S16-T25n-R09e, S17-T22n-R12e, S17-T24n-R11e, S17-T26n-R12e, S18-T21n-R12e, S18-T23n-R12e, S19-T21n-R12e, S19-T22n-R12e, S19-T23n-R12e, S1-T22n-R08e, S1-T25n-R09e, S1-T26n-R11e, S2 In Sec 4-13-8, S20 T26 R11e, S20-T06s-R21e, S20-T24n-R06, S20-T25n-R10e, S21 T28n R11e, S21-T20n-R10e, S21-T21n-R12e, S21-T24n-R09e, S21-T26n-R11e, S22 T24n R06e, S22-T24n-R09e, S22-T25n-R11e, S22-T28n-R11e, S23-T07s-R21e, S23-T22n-R10e, S24 T11n R7west, S24-T21n-R11e, S24-T22n-R08e, S24-T22n-R10e, S24-T24n-R10e, S25-26N-R11e, S25-T25n-R11e, S26-T22n-R11e, S26-T25n-R11e, S27 T23 R15, S27 T24 R15, S27-26N-R12e, S27-T24n-R09e, S27-T25n-R11e, S27-T26n-R12e, S28 T21n R12e, S28 T27n R12e, S28-T21n-R09e, S28-T21n-R9e, S28-T22n-R10e, S28-T26n-R12e, S28-T27n-R10e, S28-T27-R12, S28-T28n-R11e, S29-T20n-R11e, S29-T27n-R12e, S2t24r18, S2-T26n-R11e, S30-T07s-R26e, S30-T27n-R06e, S31-06S-22E, S31-T21n-R10e, S31-T22n-R12e, S31-T23n-R12e, S31-T24n-R11e, S31-T25n-R10e, S32-T07s-R22e, S32-T23-R10e, S33 T23n R12e, S33 T27n R12e, S33-T24n-R09e, S33-T25n-R10e, S34-T25n-R10e, S35-T25n-R07e, S36 T20n R10e, S36 T24 R 14, S36 T24 R14, S36-T25n-R10e, S3-T25n-R09, S3-T25n-R09e, S5 T26n R11e, S5-T22n-R10e, S6-T21n-R12e, S6-T22n-R09e, S6-T24n-R10e, S6-T25n-R09e, S7 T26n R06e, S7 T26n R6e, S8 T22n R09e, S8 T22n R12e, S8-T22n-R12e, S9-T20n-R10e, S9-T21n-R12e, S9-T22n-R11e, S9-T23n-11E, Saint Louis, Sal., Salem Church, Salina, Sall, Salli, Salliaw, Sallisaw, Sallisaw<, Sallisw, Salllisaw, Sallsaw, Salonia, Toward Beng, Sams Point, Sand Creed Rd To 147, Sand Spring, Sand Springs, Sandlin Rd, Sands 3Rd Hs On Lft, Sandstone 1/2M No Sd, Sandy Ashley Rd, Sandy Bass Bay 1, Sandycreek Rd, Sapulpa, Sare, Sasakwa, Savage Hwy, Savana, Savanna, Sawmill, Sawyer, Sayre, Sayre Church, Sayre Hwy 34, Sayre North Side, Sayre 2 Rvs Together, Sch, Sch Rd 1/2M East 2Nd, Sch Rd Ints, Sch W Sd Rd, Sch, N Side Of Rd, Sch. Bd. 2Nd Hs On L, Sch. Rd 1/2M On E Sd, Schhse, Schl, School, School (Approx), School Corner, School E Sd, School E Sde, School House, School N Side, School North Side, School On Hwy 48, School On West Side, School W Sde, School-E Side, Sch-Panama, Schulter, Sci Pio, Scipio, Scout Reservation, Sct Rd 2 Mi Then 1/4, Scullen, Sd, Sd Calera, Sd Bokchito, Sd Hendrix, Sd Of Duchess Creek, Sd Of Rd, Sd Of Rd Albany, Sd Of Rd Colbert, Sd Of Rd Eagle City, Sd Of Rd N Sd Of, Sd Of Rd White House, Sd Of Road, Sd On Clifton Rd, Sd Rd, Sd Rd Durant, Sd Rd, Hammon, Sd, Weatherford, Sd., Sd. Rd., Sde Of Rd Ngbr Murph, Sde Of Road, Se, Se 4 22-10-18, Se 4 Of 8-9-18, Se Corner, Se Nw 34-07-18, Se On Left, Se On Right, Se Sd Of Rd, Se Se S32 T23n R10e, Se Sec 14 T22n-R10w, Se Tn Rt 6/10Mi S On, Se/4 14-22-10, Se/4 25-20-11, Se/4 Sec 25-20-11, Se4 In 6-10-7, Se4 In Sec 16-12-6, Se4 Of Sec 6-10-7, Se4 Sec 11-11-7, Sec 10, Sec 11 T20n R10e, Sec 12-11-10, Sec 14, T22n,R11w, Sec 14-13-7, Sec 15-11-22, Sec 16-11-6, Sec 17-13-6, Sec 17-13N-6West, Sec 18-11-9, Sec 18-11-9 Cedar Lk, Sec 19-T20n-R15w, Sec 1-T25n-R8e, Sec 20-11-6, Sec 24-11-8, Sec 25-11-8, Sec 26, Sw 1/4, Sec 26,Sw 1/4, Sec 26-11-10 Hinton, Sec 26-T20n-R9w, Sec 27 4N 2W, Sec 27-11-9, Sec 27-13-10, Sec 28 4N1e/Lake Rd, Sec 28-11-7, Sec 28-T11-R6, Sec 2-T26n-R9e, Sec 31, T:1N, R:2W, Sec 3-11-7 Sw4, Sec 32-12-10, Sec 33-12-10, Sec 35-12-7, Sec 36, Sec 36-11-08, Sec 36-11-7, Sec 36-11-8, Sec 36-11-9, Sec 4-12-6, Sec 4-T22n-R12e, Sec 5, Sec 5 T21n-R10w, Sec 5-T21n-R10w, Sec 6-T24n-R10e, Sec 7-14-9 Calumet, Sec 8-13-10, Sec 8N W/2 Se/4, Sec Left, Sec. 30-31, Sec. 34-T3n-R1w, Sec.18/11/9 Cedar Lk, Sec10-T22n-R11e, Sec10-T25n-R8e, Sec11-02-22E, Sec11-T06s-R25e, Sec14-T26n-R11e, Sec16-12-06 Se 4, Sec18-T22n-R12e, Sec18-T26n-R12e, Sec21-T28n-R11e, Sec26-T27n-R11e, Sec30-T21n-R12e, Sec31-T24n-R11e, Sec34-T06s-R23e, Sec35 4N 4W, Sec4-T27n-R10e, Sec5 10N Rge 12E, Sec6-T25n-R9e, Sec8-T22n-R12e, Section 1, Section 27, Section 36, Sedan Rd, See Map, Seiling, Selman, Sem, Seminole, Semnole, Seneca, Seneca Mo, Senior Citiz/Fire De, Sentinel, Sequoyah's Home, Sery Rd 3/4M Left Sd, Sh Sec 3-11-7, Sh-13-24-10, Shady Point, Shady Pt., Shadydale, Shamblin Rd, Roland, Shamrock, Sharon, Shattuck, Shattuck Hwy 283, Shawnee, Shay, Sheco Rd Hendrix, Shelter Go 1/4 Miles, Sherrell Road, Sherwood Forest, Shidler, Shop, Shop N Hse, W'ford, Shore, Shoreline Mobile, Shores, Short, S-Hse On W Sd Rd, Shults Rd, Go 1 Blk, Side, Side Okemah, Side 62, Side Hugo, Side Of 31 Hwy, Side Of 76, Side Of Highway, Side Of Hwy, Side Of Hwy 10, Side Of Hwy., Side Of Hwy. 9, Side Of Raod, Side Of Rd, Side Of Rd L.G., Side Of Rd Monroe, Side Of Rd., Side Of Road, Side Of Road-Mt.View, Side Of West, Side Rd, Side Rd., Side Road, Side St, Shady Point, Side, Cordell, Side, Hammon, Side, Madill, Side, Only House, Side, Sterling, Sign Left, To End, N, Sign, 1/2 S, Sign,Go 1 1/8 Mi Hse, Silo, Silver City, Sing So Sd Rd, Site Fort Coffee, Skaitook, Skedee, Skiatook, Slapout, Slaughterville, Slick, Slick Road, Sliger , Lebanon, Smfld. Rd.-9.6 Ml, Smith Trailer On Lef, Smith Village, Smithville, Smithvillw, Snow, Snyder, So 1/1/2 M, So 1/4 Mile Right, So 3/4 Mi E Sd, So 3/4 Mi W Sd, So 3Rd Hse Le, So Coffeyville, So Cville, So C'ville, So East Side, So Of Thackervi Lle, So Old Maple Rd, So Sd Rd Caddo, So Side Of Rd, So Side Of Road, So, So Sd Road, So, West Side, So,1/2 Mi West, So., So. Coffeyville, So. C'vile, So. C'ville, So. Of P-27 Line, So. Sd Rd. Bokchito, So. Side, So.Side, Council Hil, Sobol, Sobol Community, Soldier Creek, Sommerfield, Son Dairy Bokchito, Son Rd So Sd Rd, Soper, Sorc, South, South Coffeyville, South C'ville, South Into, South Of Hitchcock, South Of Paden, South On Left, South Sd Rd Caddo, South Sid, South Side, South Side Of 36, South Side Of Rd, South Side Of Road, South Side Of St, South Side Road, South West Side, Southard, Southdown Estates, Southside, Southside Of Rd, Southside Watonga, Southwest City, Sparks, Spavinaw, Spencer, Spencervile, Spencerville, Sperry, Spg Rd, Spgs Nazarene Church, Spincerville, Spiro, Split Rock Road, Sports.Rd,3/4M S,W S, Springdale Rd On S, Springer, Springer School, Springerdale, Springs, Spur, Ss 1St Hse Lft, Sse Of Pittsbur G, St, St House, St Louis, St Louis Store, St To Oaklane, St. College Right Sd, St. From Mr.Quick, St. On Fuller, Stafford, Standifer, Standifer Rd, Stanley, Stapp, State Line, State Road, Station, Station T R 3 Bks W, Station, North Side, Stay Rt -Log Hse, Sterling, Stevenson Btu., Stewart Loop, Sth To End Of Rd, Stidham, Stiffies, Stigler, Stil, Stilell, Stillwate, Stillwater, Stillwell, Stilwater, Stilwel, Stilwell, Stilwell Park, Stilwelll, Stilwlater, Stilwlel, Stiwell, Stllwater, Stn On Britton Rd, Stobtown, Stone Lake Area, Stones, Stones Corner, Stonewall, Stoop, Stop 38, Stop Light, Stop Sign, Right 2Mi, Stor, Store, Store Eons, Store 1/2 Ml., Store Hwy 266, Store In 2Nd.Trailer, Store Muldrow, Store N 6 Blks, Store On Lft Of Road, Store S.Side Of Road, Store, 2Nd House On, Store..., Story Hse, Straight For 1/2 Mil, Strang, Stratford, Stre, Tn R On Crve, Street, Stringtown, Strong City, Stroud, Stroud,, Stry Hs On Curve, Stuart, Sturat, Substation, Rt., Sudgen, Sugden, Sulp0hur, Sulphur, Summerfield, Summerfield Rd., Summerfield Wister, Summrfield, Sunrise, Sunset Lake, Superette, Supply Lake, Sw 4 Of 27-10-14, Sw 4 Of 31-08N-14W, Sw Corner, Sw Corner Sw 26-22-9, Sw Corner Sw26-22-9, Sw On Calhoun Rd, Sw Sec3 3N 2W), Sw4 In Sec 16-12-8, Sw4 In Sec 26-14-9, Sw4 In Sec 27-11-10, Swan Rd, Swanson, Sweethome Community, Sweethome Rd, Sweetwater, Swink, Swon Rd 1/4 Mi, Swsw 7-6-25, Swthome Rd On S Side, Swthome Rd S Side Rd, Sylvia, Synnewood


T, T , Madill, T.A.P. On Lf., T:1N, R:1W, Elmore, T-12 S-19 R-5, T14n R20e, T1n, R1w, Taft, Tahlequah, Take Lf 4Th Hs On Lf, Talala, Talhina, Taliaferro Store, Talihina, Talihinia, Taloga, Tamaha, Tannehill, Tannehill Schoo, Tannehill School, Tatum, Tatums, Taylor Ferry, Taylor's Inn, Tch To Simons Road, Tebo Jones Rd On Rt, Tecumseh, Temple, Tenkiller Dam, Tenkiller Music Ctr, Terlton, Terlton Post Office, Terlton Rd.Westside, Terlton Road Westsid, Terral, Tex Rd Off Hwy 69, Texanna, Texanna Rd, Texanna Rd N. Sd, Texanna Rd., Texanna Rd. 6 Mi.E.-, Texanna Rd-N Sd Of, Texanne 4 Mi E.-2 Mi, Texanne Rd. 4 Mi. E., Texas 2/10 N, N Sd, Texas Street, Texhoma, Texola, Th 1/8 Mile, Th Bushyhead, Th Hous On L Eufaula, Th Indianola, Th' Remuda, Th Right, Thackerville, The Church, The Right, Them 3/4 M E, Then .25Mi Left, Then 1 1/2 Mi N., Then 1/10 M East, Then 13/4 E, Then 3 1/4 Mi N,E Sd, Then 3/4 Mi West, Then L On Norma, Then Rt@T,1St Dr. Rt, Then S, Then S 1 1/4, Then S In Castawa, This One, Thomas, Thompson School Turn, Through Steel Gates, Ti Valley, Tims Rd, Tinker Afb, Tipton, Tishomingo, Tn Limit, Tn Rt 1St Hs On Rt, Tn Rt On Left, Tn Sth 1/2 Mi, To, To 111Th,1Mileeast, To 1St Hous On R, To 1St Hs Past Stop, To 270 Hwy, To 408 N To 04 5/8W, To 6Th Street, To Blue Indian Home, To Church, To Coal Mine On Lf, To Correll St, To Cubley Ln 1St Hs, To Darcy Ln 2Nd Hous, To Dead End, To Dead End, Millert, To Enchanted Oaks, To End 1/2 M Right, To End Left 2Nd Hse, To End Of Rd, To Frenc St Tur R, To Gray Rd No, To Green Acres 1/2M, To Grey Hs, To House, To Hse On S, To J Tipton .25Mls S, To Last Hs On So., To Left, To Lefthouse, To Log Cabin, To Myall W To Belnap, To Nelda Rd S Side, To Ns Rd 214 On Left, To Oak St 3 Hous On, To Oak St 3Rd Hous L, To Old Burwell Churc, To Post Mnt. Rd N.3M, To Ranch, To Rd 1,Sthern Hills, To Rd 16 E To Dead, To Rd 408, To Red Oak, Kingston, To Rnd Mnt. Ln, To Rt After Curve, To Rt. At End, To State Park B-Bow, To Steel Gates, N Sd, To Stop Sign Rt., To T, Turn East, To Trailer, To Walnut Crk Addn, Tom, Tonkawa, Top, Top Fro Hwy 48 No Sd, Top Hill, Lf .5 Mls, Top Of Hill, Top, 1/4 E N Srd, Torr,1M W,1M S,Wside, Tower 1/2 Mi, Tower, Madill, Tower,Left Dead End, Town, Town Of Indianola, Town Of Leon, Township 27 Range 16, Tr 1.5 Mi N Ny Ci Ch, Tr E 1/2 Mi Tr Lft, Trac.-Spiro, Track 3Rd Hse On Ri, Track Left On Countr, Track Rd House Left, Tracks & Cure L Then, Tracks Rt. 3 Bx 465A, Tracks-Next Left, Tracts, Trail Old Settlers, Trail On Left Side, Trail On The Left, Trail-Eagletown, Trailer, Trailer House, Trailer Hse On E-Sd, Trailer On Left, Trailer On Lf(1/4Ml), Trailer On Right, Trailer On S Sd, Trailor On Left, Trails, Coweta, Treat Rd., Tree Ln. Around Curv, Trl Hse E Sd Of Rd, Trlr Hs., Trlr On Left, Trlr On L---Welty, Trlr On R, Trn L 1/2 Mi, Trn L 5 Mi On Jone C, Trn L, Mddl Hs L Sd., Trn R 1St Hous, Trn R 4Th Hous On R, Trn R, S, 2Nd Hse L, Trn W On Russ Rd, Trns S-Lst Hse E Sd, Trout Camp, Troy, Tryon, Tucker, Tucker, N Side, Tucker-Cowlington Jt, Tucks Ferry Road, Tueplo, Tullahassee, Tulsa, Tupelo, Tupin, Tur L On Piney Crk R, Turkey Creek, Turn 1St Int. W 1/2M, Turn Back E 10 Miles, Turn Back S 1Mi E1/2, Turn E 1/2M Turn S 1, Turn E, 3 Rd Hs S Sd, Turn L 1 1/2 On R, Turn L 2Nd Hou On Lf, Turn L Across Rr Tra, Turn Left, Turn Left 1 1/2Mi, Turn Left 2 Drive, Turn Left Before, Turn Left Fifth Hse, Turn N, Turn N 2Mi 1/2 Mi, Turn N 2Mi S 1/2 M, Turn North, Turn R. 8 Mi., Turn Right Left Side, Turn Right To Drive, Turn Rt On Pavement, Turn S 1 Mi Turn E, Turn S 1/3M On Wside, Turn South, Turn South 1/2 Mile, Turn W 1/4 Mi, Turn W Into, Turner, Turnoff, Turpin, Turpin,, Tushka, Tuskahoma, Tuskahoma Post Offic, Tuskahoma School, Tuskhoma, Tuskohoma, Tussy, Tuttle, Tuttle Ranchwood Add, Twilight Area, Twilight Store, Twin Hills, Twin Oaks, Twin Oaks Po, Twinhills, Twp 10N Rge12e, Tx Co./Cim Co. Line, Tx Rd E Sd Rd, Tyrone


Ulan Rd, Un Grove Rd 2 Mi Rt, Union City, Union Grove Tn Off, Unit On S.Side, University & 5Th Dur, Unknown, Us On R, Us On R Bef Ove Pas, Utica


Vallaint, Valley, Valley School, Valliant, Vamoosa School, Velma, Velma Dornick Hills, Vera, Verden, Vernon, Veron N Sandcreek Rd, Veterans Hosp., Vfw, Vian, Vici, View, View Acres, View School, Village, Village Apts. Okemah, Village Mannford, Villiage-Mannford, Vinita, Vinson, Vinta, Vivian Community


W, W 1 1/4 Mile, W 1 Blk S W Side Rd, W 1 Mi S, W 1/4 Mi, N Sd Of Rd, W 1/4, N. Side, W 1/8 M 1St House, W 2 Mi S W Sd Rd, W 2Mi S 4/10Mi Hs On, W 2Nd Home On S Sd, W Blanchard, W By Carthelmeans, W City, W Go About Tenth Mi, W Goodwater Rd On East, W Hitchita Cor, W Into, W Into Drive, W L L/4 Mi, W Of 259, W Of Buffalo, W Of Eastlake, W Of Healdton, W Of Maud, W Of Mooreland, W Of Rd, W Of Rd. (26-15-13), W Of Road, W Of Scipio, W On Cherok Dr, W On County Rd, W On Custer County L, W On Dobson Sch. Rd, W On Howell Rd, W On Nichols Rd, W On Orr Road, W On Rocky Point Rd, W On S. Sd Of Rd, W Sd, W Sd Of Hwy, W Sd Of Hwy 60, W Sd Of Rd, W Sd Of Road, W Sd Rd, W Sd Rd Orienta, W Sd, Sec 18, W Sd, Sec 5, W Sid Rd, W Side, W Side Sec21 1N 2W, W Side Of Hwy, W Side Of Rd, W Side Of Swan Rd, W Side Rd, W Side Road, W Side, Cordell, W To Stop Sign Turn, W, 1St House N Sd Rd, W, 2 Mi N 1/2 Mi W, W, 3/4M W, W, N Side, W, North Side, W, S Side Of Road, W,N.Side Of Road, W. 1/4 Ml.N. Hse On, W. 1/4M White H On L, W. 1Mi S. Sd Of Rd, W. 7 Mi, W. Of Nowata, Nowata, W. Of Vian, W. Sd Armstrong, W. Sd Of Rd Colbert, W. Sd., W. Sd. Albany, W. Side, W. Side Of 82, W. Side Rd., W. Trailer On Left, W.On S.Side Of Road, W.Side, W.Side 11-3-4, W/ 1/4 Mile N, W/2Nd Hse On Right, W113s, W113s N Sd, W-6M N, Waatts, Wade, Wade Rd, Wag, Wagnoner, Wagoner, Wainright, Wainwright, Waiya 1/4 Mile, Wakita, Walker Sch, Wallville, Wallville Rd, Walmart Dc, Walnut Creek, Walnut Creek Addn, Walnut Park Est, Walters, Walters-East Side, Wanette, Wann, Wapanucka, Wardville, Warner, Warner Mt, Warr Acres, Warren, Warren (E Sd), Warwick, Warwick School, Wasgon Rd Tn Left, Washington, Washington Rd W Side, Washington St., Washita Point, Watco Shop, Water Bldg., Water Tower At End, Watlers, Watonga, Watonga On W Main, Watson, Watson Cemetary, Watts, Wauhillau Road, Wauirka, Waukomis, Waurika, Way Gore, Way Rd (Lemonhill Rd, Way Stop, Way-Little Cabin, Wayne, Waynoka, Weatherford, Webber Falls, Webbers Falls, Weestville, Welch, Weleetka, Welling, Wellston, Welty, West, West .2 Mi., West 1St House Left, West 2Nd House On N, West 3/4 Mi N Sd, West And So. Horse B, West At Entrance, West Durant, West Into, West Of Fletcher, West Of Mooreland, West Of Votech Road, West Of Winnett Road, West On 46, West On Lightning Rd, West On Nth Sd Road, West Sd Kemp, West Sd Of Rd, West Sd Of Rd Calera, West Sd Rd, West Sd Rd Colbert, West Sd Road, West Side, West Side Of Rd, West Side Of Road, West Side Rd, West Side Road, West Siloam Springs, West, No Sd Rd, West, Weatherford, West., Westport, Westvile, Westvill, Westville, Westville High Sch., Westvillle, Westvlle, Wesville, Wetumka, Wew, Wewoka, Wewoka, E Side, Wh 11-11-26, Wheatland, Wheel Dance Land, Wheelock Loop, Wher Rd Curve Ltrn R, Where Rd Curv To L, Whipperwill Addt., Whipperwill Est., White Br. S. Side Rd, White Brick House, White House, White House On South, White Oak, White Sand Church, Whitebead School, Whitefield, Whitehorn Cove Rd, Whitesboro, Whitesboro (Old Hwy), Whitesboro Way, Whitetail Nursery, Whte Hse On Hill, Wide On Right Side, Wilburton, Wilderness, Wilderness Rd, Will Bapt. Church, Willard Rd Of Buffal, Williams, Willow, Willow Dead End S S, Wilson, Wilson Rock Rd., Wilson School, Windchest Rd N.1/2Mi, Winship Pr Rd, Wister, Wister (See Map), Wister State Park, Woad, Wolf, Woman's, 3 M N, 3/4E, Wood Ringwood, Wood East Spiro, Wood Fram House, Woodland Hills, Woodland Sch. 1 1/4S, Woodward, Woodward Rd), Wooward, Workman Mountain, Workman Mt, Worleyrd, Wrecker (From Main), Wright City, Wrights Corner,Rt Sd, Wt Hs On S Sd Of Rd, Wtidham, Ww, Ww Cemetary-N Side, Wwd. 11-24-21, Wyandotte, Wyandotte,, Wynn, Wynneowood, Wynnewood, Wynnewood Nursy, Wynnewood Rt 2 B 210, Wynnwood, Wynoan, Wynona


X Rr 1St Hse On Rt, Xie Wood


Y, Y 7M. N. 2M. W., Y Idabel, Y S Side Of Rd(25), Y Turn North Go 2Blk, Yale, Yanush, Yanush Store, Yarbrough, Yarbrough School, Yarnaby Rd Hendrix, Yds, Yds On Left, Yeager, Yel.Hse By B.B. Camp, Yellow Hs N. Sd. Rd., York Body Shop, Yrds South, Yuba, Yuba Lane, Yukon